Microsoft Dynamics 365, a veteran player in the CRM market, offers decent features but has a hefty price tag and complexities.

Enterprises may love it, but do you think it is right for you as an owner of a small company?

Small to medium business owners have struggles very different from an enterprise; 

  • SMBs have limited bandwidth for everything: resources, people, and money!
  • Each potential customer is gold
  • Each negative feedback can put them behind ten positive feedbacks
  • There is no brand awareness yet. Thus, trust and credibility have to be earned by marketing and sales efforts
  • Lack of alignment of goals between team members
  • Need competitive edge

While enterprises have surpassed these initial operational and sales hiccups there struggles are more in terms of numbers. They require deep and detailed reporting and analysis on their widespread operations and marketing and sales engines. They may be set in terms of their operations, but they do need to renew their marketing and sales efforts with better forecasts and analyzing trends.

Keeping these fundamental differences in mind, it is important to understand that not all CRMs are for small businesses, and not all CRMs are for enterprises.

What do SMBs don’t want in a CRM?

Complex application!

  • Rigid structure
  • Extensive customization 
  • Long implementation cycle
  • Difficult adaption to software

What do SMBs want in a CRM?

Flexible and customizable CRM that has an in-built:

– Lead management system to qualify, nurture, and convert the leads.

– Quoting system that quickly relates the product range, product variation, pricing, computes margins accurately 

– invoicing software that manages invoices, and payments, and even accounts

– Reporting of daily, weekly, and monthly sales along with team member’s progress

– Control and role-based access to the companies data

– Service platform that manages customer interaction with feedback and comments

– automation of repetitive tasks

And all of it with the ease and flexibility of usage. 

Why is Dynamics 365 not right for an SMB?

Too many applications all sold separately

Dynamics 365 is a portfolio of various applications. So, you may need all applications and in case you need some of those, you will have to purchase each of these applications: marketing, sales, service, supply chain or finance etc.

Microsoft also offers a separate application for Small and Medium Businesses 

Business Central- Essential, Premium, and Team Members 

Customer Service-Professional and Enterprise

However, all are sold separately at a price far more expensive than its competitors like Orgzit. Business Central is an application developed for small businesses that starts at $70 per user per month, far more than its counterparts like Orgzit, which starts at $29.

“The standard has nothing and you must pay for every single function or specific report you may need.”  Verified consumer in User Goods

Way too complicated to adapt

While Dynamics 365 is robust, SMBs do not have a lot of time to put on training and support. 

“UI is terribly unintuitive and lacks finishing. Completing the simples of tasks is laborious and painful” Barry, Paid Media Specialist

Inflexible and slow

Small businesses do not have standardized business procedures like enterprises. They are continuously renewing and revamping their sales and operations to expand their business. They need a flexible business application that can

SMBs even if they opt for Microsoft application, should go for Business Central because it’s tailored for Small and Medium Businesses.

However, Business Central only manages operations/ for services (CRM) you will have to buy a separate application i.e. Customer Service Application. 

“Customization of UI is extremely hard, and usually requires a base knowledge of coding” Verified user in construction

What does Dynamics Business Central do?

  • Sales 
  • Services
  • Finance
  • Operations

What does Dynamics Customer Service do?

  • Streamlines your customer interactions
  • History


  • Business Central
    • Essentials from $ 70 per user per month
    • Premium from $ 100 per user per month
  • Customer Service
  • Professional at $ 50 per user per month gives core customer service capabilities
  • Enterprise at $ 95 per user per month that gives advanced customer service capabilities
  • Service Add-ins
  • $90 for Digital Messaging and Voice in
  • $75 Voice Channel Add-In
  • $ 75 Digital Messaging Add-In etc

Why should any SMBs consider Orgzit?

Orgzit is a sales, service, finance, and dealer management platform. Orgzit is a growth partner for small and medium businesses.

  • Its Excel-like interface makes it a breeze to use.
  • Orgzit’s no-code technology makes it;
    • Agile and grows with your business needs
    • Flexibile, be it any sales process, operations, or finance requirements
    • Customizable

“Orgzit delivers one dashboard for all my operations, finance and sales teams.” – Shakti, Senocare

“All in one CRM that will boost your sales operations”. – Vijay, Mid Market

But why should SMBs really choose Orgzit?

  • An in-built comprehensive business application catering to distributors and SMBs with their leads, sales, operations, finance, and services at extremely competitive prices
  • It is meant for businesses that are growing and have enterprise capabilities
  • It is excellent for start-ups who are figuring out their processes and streamlining their process as they grow
  • Growth partner with dedicated support at every step of the implementation process

Whats does Orgzit CRM do?

“Seamlessly connect and communicate with teams and eliminates communication challenge”. – Naveen, Small Business

“Automated routine financial tasks has significantly reduced any mistakes in financial transactions”. – Vijay, Mid Market

Orgzit’s Best Fit

  1. Seeking an All-in-One Solution: Tired of juggling multiple tools? Orgzit offers a single CRM software to manage your entire sales process at affordable prices.
  2. Flexibility is Key: Are standard CRMs falling short? Embrace Orgzit’s flexibility, catering to your unique requirements.
  3. Scale with Confidence: As your team grows, so does Orgzit – a flexible and scalable CRM solution for small business expansion.
  4. Customizations Without the Hassle: No big IT budgets are needed! Enjoy tailored solutions without breaking the bank.
  5. No IT Team Required: Say goodbye to the IT headache. Orgzit is designed for easy management, even without an internal IT team.
  6. Affordability Matters: Budget-friendly CRM that packs a powerful punch? Orgzit delivers precisely that!
  7. Perfect CRM for Small Businesses: If your sales team comprises fewer than 100 people, Orgzit is the ideal match for your ambitions.
  8. Embrace Complexity with Ease: Complex sales process? Not a problem! Orgzit empowers seamless collaboration across internal teams, from sales to order fulfillment and service.
  9. Simplicity Equals Success: No time for extensive training? Orgzit’s user-friendly interface lets your teams start selling and satisfying customers from day one!


  • Collaborative
  • Tracking
  • End-to-end Sales Process
  • Customization
  • Organization

“Greater efficiency and customer satisfaction achieved at Proptech Solutions” – Ashifa, Proptech Solutions


  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Access Control
  • Manage your Customer Relationships
  • Workflow Management
  • Custom Fields
  • Dashboard
  • Email Support
  • Security
  • Integrations
  • Desktop and Mobile App
  • Supported Platforms: Windows, iOS and Android

“Orgzit helps you manage our inventory, expenses, leads, vendor follow-ups, quality control and order processing demands seamlessly.”- Ramkumar, Salesforce Developer, IT


OrgzitMicrosoft Dynamics Business CentralMicrosoft Dynamics Customer ServiceMicrosoft Dynamics 365Sales Microsoft Dynamics Marketing
Team TypeSales,ServiceFinanceOperationsSales, FinanceOperationsSales, Service,FinanceOperationsOnly SalesCustomer Insights
Team Size<100100+100+100+100+
Business TypeSmall BusinessSmall BusinessSmall BusinessEnterpriseEnterprise
PricingStarts @ $29Starts @ $70Starts @ $50Starts @ $ 65Starts @ $ 1700
Implementation TimeDaysMonthsMonthsMonthsMonths
Ease of UseSimple, IntuitiveComplexComplexComplexComplex
Customer SuccessDedicated TeamPay ExtraPay ExtraPay ExtraPay Extra
Training and ImplementationOptionalYesYesYesYes

Is MS Dynamics 365 for Sales better than Orgzit CRM?

While MS Dynamics 365 is a veteran player, it is best suited for enterprises. However, Orgzit is agile and flexible and can be customized for small to medium businesses as the business grows.

Are MS Dynamics 365 for Sales and Orgzit the same?

No, Dynamics 365 for sales is a product of Microsoft company. Orgzit is a software product of a different company. Both of them are business applications to manage business processes.

Is Business Central the same as Dynamics 365?

Business Central and Dynamics 365 are both separate applications of Microsoft. While Dynamics 365 is more suited for enterprise, business central is a crmfor small business.