All-in-one Sales CRM for Manufacturers Reps and Distributors

Align your sales, estimation, finance, accounts, and services teams with a centralized dashboard

Break free from scattered spreadsheets by managing opportunities, quotes, invoices, and orders in a simple centralized application. Track your bid dashboard, create quotes quickly, set follow-up reminders, automate emails, and much more.

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Trusted by business leaders to grow faster

Orgzit CRM is Adaptable To Your Business Workflow

We help businesses and distributors to build a CRM for their unique industries within days improving your ROI 2x faster. Not just that, our no code technology enables you to keep improving your application and workflow as your business grows.

HVAC Distributor
HVAC Distributor

Optimize operations and accounts and streamline back office management.

#Lead, Quoting, and Pricing   #Collaboration   #Order Management  
Industrial Equipment
Industrial Equipment

Manage Orders, upsell, forecast services and replacements with Orgzit Cloud Platform.

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Construction Equipment
Construction Equipment

Our no-code CRM technology can help you manage multiple projects seamlessly.

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building materials
Building Material

Seamlessly manage different projects and network of suppliers and keep track of your stocks.

#Project Management   #Supplier Management   #Inventory Management  

Centralize information for all your projects and access highly technical product information.

#Sales Pipeline   #Order and Inventory   #Billing, Support and Reports  

Manage and track your contacts, orders, pricing, and customer preferences all in one place.

#Lead, Quoting and Invoicing   #Order Management   #Reports  
IT Product Distributor
IT Product Distributor

Retain your customers by providing both excellent pre-sale and post-sale experience.

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Re-invent your quotes, invoices and orders with Orgzit

Before Orgzit

Before Orgzit
  • cross 90% of Spreadsheets have mistakes.
  • cross Not sure about deals closing on schedule?
  • cross Uninformed about pending orders.
  • cross Quotes are not readily available when customers inquire.
  • cross Monitoring bid dates and quote status is a daunting task.
  • cross Keeping up with follow-ups is challenging.
  • cross Handling the intricacies of a complex quote is difficult.
  • cross Identifying the most profitable bidder is a puzzle.
  • The list goes on and on...

After Orgzit

Before Orgzit
  • tick Error-free quotes.
  • tick Real-time data on deals – closed, open, or pending.
  • tick Real-time status on pending orders.
  • tick Readily available quotes in a single unified platform.
  • tick Bid dates and quote status on fingertips or one click away.
  • tick Complex quotes are rapidly generated with readily available data within the platform.
  • tick Find most profitable bidder, highest paying customer, monthly and weekly revenue generated.
  • tick Calculate commissions on sales.

Stable & Robust Platform Customers Depend On Daily













Flexible and Versatile Solution For Your B2B Business

Manufacturers’ Reps

Manufacturers’ Reps



Master Franchises

Master Franchises



Seamlessly connect your teams, data and customers with a unified platform



Close more deals, manage pipelines and build deeper relations.

  • Lead Management
  • Bid Management
  • Follow-Up
  • Sales Commissions
  • Sales pipeline

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Accurately assess the cost of a job and effortlessly track the job.

  • Quote Management
  • Generate and Revise Quotes
  • Approvals
  • Optimize Profit Margins
  • Reports

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Finance and Account

Make professional invoices and track payments easily.

  • Invoicing
  • Cost Control
  • Accounts Receivable Tracking
  • Payment Reminders
  • Follow-Up

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Streamline operations by region, dealer, or orders. Manage orders and track stocks.

  • Order Management
  • Dealer Network Management
  • Track Deliveries
  • Stock Keeping

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Customer services


Give seamless support to your customers and build strong, trustworthy relationships.

  • Service Desk
  • After-sales Support
  • Track History, Communications
  • Track Service Tickets

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Seamless Quote to Cash Process with Orgzit CRM


One Powerful Hub

Orgzit CRM is your centralized hub, consolidating all sales-related data - customers, opportunities, quotations, orders, invoices, service tasks, and more. No more scattered information or missed opportunities.

Break internal silos

End Internal Communication Barriers

Orgzit CRM bridges the gap, enabling seamless communication across departments. Empower sales managers, reps, estimators, finance, and service teams with a unified platform to collaborate on the sales process.

Experience Sales Agility

Experience Sales Agility

Orgzit enables an agile sales process with quick and easy changes. Our manufacturer rep software empowers real-time tracking and simplifies your sales journey. Be nimble, stay ahead, and achieve success.

Never Miss a Beat

Never Miss a Beat

With Orgzit's intelligent follow-up and reminder system, stay on top of your prospects and customers with automated reminders and personalized follow-ups. No more dropped leads or forgotten tasks and payments.

multiple tools & Excel spreadsheets

Measure Your Success

Gain valuable insights into your sales processes and customer satisfaction. Stay ahead of the competition, optimize strategies, and achieve your business goals.

Data driven culture

Powerful Data Integration

Creating quotes with Orgzit is a breeze. Our smart system calculates margins, discounts, and taxes, effortlessly incorporating product details for professional-looking quotes.

Orgzit is a flexible B2B Sales CRM. The centralized dashboard is simple and customizable, and the easy access to reports is commendable. Orgzit has helped us save time on repetitive tasks, handling multiple data, team coordination, tracking daily and monthly tasks, and follow-ups.
Muhammad Faiz CRM Executive, CubeDots

Don’t get trapped with a rigid, complex, and expensive CRM system

salesforce microsoft dynamics 365 netsuite

Traditional Enterprise CRMs

  • Too complicated and difficult to use
  • Costly & time consuming to customize, requires external consultants
  • Need an army of administration and IT staff
  • Many basic features available only via expensive add-ons
  • vs

    Enterprise CRM with Flexibility and Simplicity of Excel

  • Really simple and intuitive to use
  • Can be customized in minutes, even by business users
  • Built for agile teams with constrained IT resources
  • Cost-effective with transparent all-inclusive pricing
  • Your Success Partners

    Orgzit helped us streamline critical business information and within a short period made our leads-to-cash processes more organized leading to collaboration efficiency. The sales rep software helped us save time and gave everything to us at our fingertips.


    Orgzit helped us streamline lead-to-cash business operations. Orgzit is now the single source of truth for sales, projects, and other operations teams. The sales rep software helps us to stay connected and informed with ease.

    Develop And Scale With Orgzit

    If you can use spreadsheets or Excel, you can build your software with Orgzit.


    Flexible database

    Create company, contacts, prospects, customers, accounts or inventory databases for your business. Connect your quotes with inventory or customer history. Use the database as you like it.


    Flexible forms, user roles and access permissions

    Prevent data breaches with role-based access controls. Designate administrator, editor, viewer, or specialist or limited access to the various roles in your company.


    Flexible document creation, approval workflows

    Track submissions, document sharing, alerts and notification on changes. Create a step-by-step workflow in one place.


    Flexible communication & collaboration

    Foster collaboration and easy communication using our flexible tools, ensuring seamless interactions among your team members and external partners.


    Flexible automations

    Work on autopilot with the automation of repetitive tasks, reminders, and email follow-ups.


    Flexible reports and dashboards

    Gain actionable insights with our software's reporting and dashboard features, providing real-time visibility into your sales and quotation data.

    Transform your sales process by breaking internal silos

    Is your team stuck with thinking, “This is how it's always been done here”?

    We help customers question the status quo and improve the sales process on a continuous ongoing basis. Our sales rep software is designed to provide simplified data and ensure real-time tracking.

    Check out this video to know more about how we can help you transform your sales process and increase revenue per sales rep.

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    Change your sales process
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