Orgzit vs Salesforce

Choosing the Right CRM

Move beyond complexity, rigidity, and high total costs.
With Orgzit, you get the right mix of flexibility and agility at an affordable cost.

orgzit VS salesforce
Have you ever seen a software comparison page where the “challenger” comes out better than the company putting up the comparison page?
Exactly. We have not either. So when we compare our sales productivity CRM platform to others we take a different approach. Here’ the approach we’re taking.
  • The comparison we’ve show is based on whether it is possible and how much it costs to do in Salesforce what you can do in Orgzit.
  • We surely are biased but we’re not blind. For some of you, Salesforce would be a better option. What we are trying to showcase is when Orgzit is a better fit than our competitor.
  • Overview

    Target sales team size < 100 100+
    End-to-end Sales enablement Built-in Add-ons
    Customizability Yes, no-code Yes, requires long development cycles
    Admin or developer needed No Yes
    Customer success Dedicated success team Pay extra
    Usability Easy to use Long learning curve
    Budget Best value Expensive
    Pricing All inclusive Pricing publicly available Multiple add-ons Complex pricing with hidden costs
    If you have experience with Salesforce, I cannot recommend Orgzit CRM highly enough. The power it gives business people by allowing them to be in control over their sales processes is truly exceptional.

    The problem Orgzit solves is getting the entire end-to-end sales processes mapped up on a new CRM in days instead of months. From a management perspective, the ROI is immediate as now the entire sales process can be mapped on a single place instead of multiple tools.
    Vinod Podar Founder of Propadis Inc

    Orgzit Ideal Customer Checklist

  • You prefer a single CRM software to manage end-to-end sales process
  • You’re looking at a flexible system as standard CRMs do not meet your requirements
  • You’re looking for a flexible and scalable CRM to match your team’s growth
  • You want customizations but do not have big IT budgets to build customized or buy expensive enterprise CRMs
  • You do not have an internal IT team or admin to help you manage the CRM
  • You’re looking for an affordable CRM solution
  • You’re a small business with a sales team of less than 100 people
  • Your sales process is complex and require working across multiple internal teams such as sales, estimation, order fulfilment, and service.
  • You’re looking for simplicity in the CRM so that your teams can start selling and satisfying your customer needs from Day 1 (no training required)
  • What can you not do in Salesforce?

    Salesforce is a good standalone enterprise CRM, but many critical functionalities required by sales teams are highly dependent on expensive third-party integrations and applications.
    There is a a major hurdle in configuring and maintaining Salesforce which requires an army of IT admins and support staff. Whereas with Orgzit, anyone can configure the CRM with a few clicks.
    End-to-end sales process
    With Expensive Add-ons
    Generate Quotations
    Generate Invoices
    Track Service Tickets
    Drag & Drop Automation, No Coding Required

    In Summary

    When should you choose Salesforce, and when Orgzit

  • Orgzit is a CRM built to double your sales team’s productivity.
  • It’s an “all-in-one” sales platform which you can use without needing any other sales tools to manage your end-to-end sales, service and support processes.
  • It has been built with flexibility and scalability in mind and can easily handle complex sales workflows with ease.
  • Orgzit is far less expensive compared to Salesforce
  • salesforce
  • You’re a large organization with a sales team of over 100 people
  • You don’t mind paying for additional third-party add-ons to make key sales functions work
  • You’re looking for a complete cloud based IT solution and not specifically a dedicated sales-focused CRM
  • You have extremely advanced CRM requirements which require a lot of customisation and interoperability with other sales technology tools
  • You’re OK with paying for training and configuration of the CRM and waiting for weeks to months to get started.
  • You have a big budget (because Salesforce is pretty expensive & their pricing structure is a little complex)
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