Orgzit vs Salesforce

Do you want to avoid complex and expensive CRM solutions that fail to meet your business needs?

Look no further than Orgzit CRM, the smarter choice that outshines rigid and bloated CRMs in every aspect.

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orgzit VS salesforce


Orgzit: Customized CRM Solutions for Your Business

At Orgzit, we specialize in providing personalized CRM solutions tailored to meet your business needs and deliver exceptional outcomes. Discover the difference with our alternative options that perfectly align with your objectives. Orgzit is a specialized sales CRM tool with an optimized end-to-end sales workflow capability.

Orgzit serves various industries and departments, optimizing key functions such as sales, marketing, operations, finance, and HR.

Salesforce: Empowering Sales with Cloud-Based Innovation

Salesforce, a trailblazer in cloud-based salesforce automation, revolutionized the software industry with its pioneering concept of 24/7 cloud delivery. Initially renowned for its user-friendly CRM tool, Salesforce quickly expanded its offerings to cater to various industries through specialized clouds. However, some businesses find Salesforce costly and overwhelmed with unnecessary features.

For those seeking a more tailored and cost-effective solution, alternative options are available that precisely address their needs without unnecessary complexities. Embrace alternatives that offer simplicity and effectiveness, tailored to your business requirements, and drive your success forward.

Target sales team size < 100 100+
End-to-end Sales enablement Built-in Add-ons
Customizability Yes, no-code Yes, requires long development cycles
Admin or developer needed No Yes
Customer success Dedicated success team Pay extra
Usability Easy to use Long learning curve
Budget Best value Expensive
Pricing All inclusive Pricing publicly available Multiple add-ons Complex pricing with hidden costs
G2 Reviews
Having experience with Salesforce, I wholeheartedly endorse Orgzit CRM. Its empowering capabilities to manage sales processes are truly remarkable. Orgzit solves the challenge of swiftly mapping end-to-end sales processes on a new CRM, enabling businesses to achieve in days that typically take months.

From a management standpoint, the immediate ROI is evident as the entire sales process can now be consolidated into a single platform, eliminating the need for multiple tools.
Vinod Podar Founder of Propadis Inc

Why Do You Need Salesforce Alternative?

Salesforce may be the pioneer CRM software with capable features, but it is not a perfect fit for everyone.
Here are a few reasons you might want an alternative to Salesforce:
  • Exorbitant Investment Salesforce is a giant that comes at a price too. Many businesses do not need such heavy software that has too many features that are not even useful for all businesses.
    The starter pack has basic features + Gmail/Outlook integration at $25. Add-ons raise the cost to $35. Salesforce competitors are offering more for less. Their most popular and recommended package cost is two times more than their competitor, Orgzit.
  • Lengthy Deployment Implementing Salesforce took months, disrupting business operations.
  • Dismal Customer Support Support responses were slow and unhelpful, hindering resolution.
  • Unintuitive UI Confusing interface, the steep learning curve for new users.
  • Inflexible and Overwhelming Lack of customization options and overwhelming features.
  • Overloaded with Excess Features Too many unnecessary features, cluttered, and difficult to navigate.

  • End-to-end sales process
    With Expensive Add-ons
    Generate Quotations
    Generate Invoices
    Track Service Tickets
    Drag & Drop Automation, No Coding Required

    "Smooth process flow and amazing experience - the user-friendly interface enables new users to quickly adapt to the CRM software, ensuring a seamless onboarding process."


    "Antiquated and complicated - Beginning with the design, navigation, and usability the platform in itself is designed poorly. Users had a hard time navigating the platform."


    "Excels in automating complex sales processes - Orgzit has been instrumental in providing a unified platform to link the entire process, thus helping us with better and more efficient collaboration."


    "Expensive for no reason - They don't have the option for monthly users, and don't allow to reduce the number of users. So once you sign a yearly contract, you are stuck with it."


    "Flexible and customizable CRM platform - Orgzit's no code CRM allows businesses to create tailored workflows, fields, and reports that fit their specific needs."


    "Overkill for a small business owner - It was way too complex for me to use and hardly any of the features were helpful for me."


    "Effortlessly tracks and handles financial transactions - Orgzit offers a centralized platform where we can track all operations including billing, collecting payments, and managing purchase orders."


    "Too expensive, too cumbersome and overly complicated for SMB's - Salesforce has proven to only be good for Enterprise environments. Salesforce charge so much for the support, you may as well hire a full-time person."


    Discover the Orgzit Advantage

    Unmatched Features and Services for Your Business

    Customized CRM Solutions

    We understand that every business is unique. Orgzit empowers you with personalized CRM solutions that perfectly align with your objectives and sales workflow.

    Swift Deployment

    Time is money, and we value both! Orgzit's quick deployment ensures minimal disruption to your business operations.


    No need to break the bank for an efficient CRM. Orgzit offers you a cost-effective alternative without compromising on features or quality.

    No Code Platform

    Say farewell to tech headaches. With Orgzit's no-code platform, customization is a breeze, and you can focus on what matters most - growing your business.

    Versatility Across Teams

    No matter your industry or department, Orgzit has covered you. Sales, operations, finance, HR - we optimize it all!

    Orgzit Ideal Customer Checklist

  • Seeking an All-in-One Solution: Tired of juggling multiple tools? Orgzit offers a single CRM software to seamlessly manage your entire sales process.
  • Flexibility is Key: Are standard CRMs falling short? Embrace Orgzit's flexibility, catering to your unique requirements.
  • Scale with Confidence: As your team grows, so does Orgzit - a flexible and scalable CRM solution for your business expansion.
  • Customizations Without the Hassle: No big IT budgets are needed! Enjoy tailored solutions without breaking the bank.
  • No IT Team Required: Say goodbye to the IT headache. Orgzit is designed for easy management, even without an internal IT team.
  • Affordability Matters: Budget-friendly CRM that packs a powerful punch? Orgzit delivers precisely that!
  • Perfect Fit for Small Businesses: If your sales team comprises fewer than 100 people, Orgzit is the ideal match for your ambitions.
  • Embrace Complexity with Ease: Complex sales process? Not a problem! Orgzit empowers seamless collaboration across internal teams, from sales to order fulfillment and service.
  • Simplicity Equals Success: No time for extensive training? Orgzit's user-friendly interface lets your teams start selling and satisfying customers from day one!
  • Summary

    Which CRM is Right for You?

  • Doubles sales team productivity
  • All-in-one platform for end-to-end sales, service, and support processes
  • Flexible and scalable to handle complex sales workflows
  • Cost-effective compared to Salesforce
  • salesforce
  • Ideal for large organizations with over 100 people on the sales team
  • Requires third-party add-ons for key sales functions
  • Comprehensive cloud-based IT solution, not solely a sales-focused CRM
  • Advanced customization and interoperability with other sales technology tools
  • Requires training, configuration, and longer implementation time
  • Higher pricing structure and complex pricing options
  • Great user experience awarded by customers and industry experts

    High Performer For Fall 2022
    Easiest to Do Business With For Mid Market Fall 2022
    Best Support For Fall 2022
    Software Suggest Award for Great User Experience 2020
    Software Suggest Award for Star Beginner 2019
    Finance Online Award for Rising Star 2020
    Finance Online Award for Great User Experience 2020
    Compare Camp Award for Rising Star 2018
    Comapre Camp Certificate for Great User Experience
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