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Orgzit aims to empower B2B sales teams with a flexible CRM solution.
Our CRM solution helps manufacturers’ reps and distributors manage their end-to-end sales process.
  • leads
  • opportunities
  • quotes
  • inventory
  • invoicing
  • follow-ups
  • purchase order
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  • sales commissions
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Centralized dashboard that aligns everyone involved in the sales process

B2B sales teams face significant challenges when managing multiple data sheets across various customers and manufacturers, such as quotes, leads, invoices, and product lists. The lack of transparency about sales teams’ tasks makes it difficult for Sales Managers to track progress and performance effectively. Additionally, the struggle to prioritize leads and identify critical opportunities further compounds these challenges.

That's why our solution is designed to address these pain points. Orgzit enables you to manage all your sales tasks related to leads, quotes, support tickets, inventory, and invoices in one place. Streamlining processes and providing clarity simplify daily sales challenges, including tracking opportunities, quotes, and product lists. Your team can prioritize important tasks first, freeing valuable time for field employees to engage with potential opportunities.

Orgzit no-code CRM transcends complex CRM systems

Unlike traditional enterprise CRM systems burdened with unnecessary features, Orgzit takes a different approach – Orgzit is easily customizable to suit the unique needs of your B2B selling business, putting you in complete control. Orgzit CRM is a game-changing no-code CRM platform designed to address challenges of today's fast agile teams.

Here's how Orgzit CRM surpasses its complex legacy CRM systems:

  • Tailored Features: Customize the CRM to match your requirements, ensuring a perfect fit for your business, selling process, and team structure.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Say goodbye to exorbitant expenses associated with complex CRM customization – Orgzit offers a more budget-friendly alternative.
  • Simple & Easy to use: Embrace simplicity with an intuitive and easy-to-use CRM system that minimizes the learning curve for your team.
  • Rapid Implementation: No more waiting months for extensive CRM implemenation – Orgzit delivers fast and efficient implemenation in a few days.
  • Agile and Incremental: Orgzit lets you adopt an agile approach towards rolling our your CRM, allowing you to build and evolv your CRM system incrementally to ensure it grows alongside your needs.
  • Cloud-Based: Enjoy the benefits of cloud technology, allowing seamless access to your CRM from anywhere, anytime.
  • Data Privacy and Protection: Rest easy knowing that Orgzit prioritizes the security and privacy of your valuable data.

Our Story

Orgzit was founded by brothers – Pavan Verma and Nitin Verma. Their story about how they created Orgzit exemplifies their vision and ambition to build a no-code software solution that would alter the way organizations approach CRM and streamline their sales operations.

Pavan is an IT professional who did his bachelor's from IIT Delhi and MS from University of Michigan. He has played many roles as a Software Developer, Software Architect, VP of Engineering, and Senior IT consultant. In all these roles, Pavan was most happy while developing software solutions that solved customers' business problems. Nitin comes from a background in strategizing and engineering large urban projects. Nitin complimented his techy brother with business skills – strategy, marketing, and sales.

At the time, Pavan ran a software services firm, creating custom applications for clients to streamline their business processes. He helped clients automate variety of business processes – from lead management to invoicing, order management to support desk. But despite their success, Pavan couldn't shake the feeling that there had to be a better way. That's when he asked himself this question, what if he could create a no-code software that could produce customized CRM and business process applications that were simple and faster to implement?

It was a bold idea, but Pavan was determined to see it through. He discussed the idea with Nitin, who identified a pilot opportunity with a customer from the manufacturers’ rep industry. Pavan and Nitin worked tirelessly to automate the customer's end-to-end sales workflow across tracking leads & opportunities, generating quotes, automating sales followups, manage purchase orders and inventory – using a no-code technology architecture. The client was thrilled with the results and referred Orgzit to many other customers. Pavan and Nitin knew they were onto something special.

In the following months, Pavan and Nitin poured their heart and soul into perfecting their no-code software. The result was a game-changing product that transformed how manufacturers’ reps approached their sales processes.

Orgzit’s no-code software revolutionized how B2B teams approached their sales processes and provided sales executives and quotation teams with a game-changing tool. The software includes a single dashboard that is access controlled yet unified, making it incredibly easy to locate all sales information, like leads, quotes, and invoices, in one place. The flexible, end-to-end sales CRM is transforming the way B2B sales teams work.

Today, Orgzit’s no-code solution is changing the game for manufacturers’ reps and B2B distributors worldwide. But Pavan and Nitin are not content to rest on their laurels – they are constantly innovating and improving, pushing the boundaries of what's possible with technology. Join them on this incredible journey and see what the power of no-code CRM can do for your sales process.

Our Core Values

A company's success is rooted in its employees, a principle that resonates deeply with us. We extend the same value to our customers, aiming to provide B2B sales leaders with a powerful tool to empower their internal champions, driving growth for the organization and its stakeholders.

Our internal champions comprise a dedicated team driven by a shared commitment to prioritize helping others. This core value enables us to deliver exceptional customer support, ensuring their satisfaction and success. We take pride in the positive feedback received from our customers, as their happiness is a testament to our team's unwavering dedication.

Our Happy Customers

Carolyn Arote

“As I log in daily, Orgzit presents important tasks and discussion points, ensuring no sales opportunities go unnoticed. This streamlined approach has enhanced our overall communication, empowering our team to be proactive and responsive. We have improved efficiency and strengthened collaboration throughout sales by staying connected and up-to-date.”

Carolyn Arote

President, ADE Systems Inc.


“Orgzit has a user-friendly interface, complemented by a centralized dashboard that offers excellent convenience. The system's high level of customization empowers you and your team to enhance productivity effectively.”

Bilal Keskin

Software Engineer, CubeDots


“We can effortlessly track our orders, payments, deliveries, and service complaints while generating and emailing invoices through Orgzit. The solution has significantly boosted our organization's productivity and overall efficiency. Moreover, the exceptional support provided by the Orgzit team is truly remarkable.”

Pramod Lamoria

Managing Director, Bichhonna Pvt Ltd.

Meet Our Founders


Pavan Verma


When not hacking code or awing customers with simple solutions for complex problems, Pavan spends time listening to music and traveling with his son and daughter.


Nitin Verma


Nitin is passionate about solving new problems every day. If you have unique requirements, that’s your man!

Customer Success Stories


How Orgzit powered the growth of SGS Glass by streamlining its business operations

Orgzit emerged as the ultimate solution to address Satkartar Glass Solutions' stagnant growth caused by manual processes.


How Orgzit led quote-to-cash transformation for KiPro technologies

The ROI on Orgzit is phenomenal; we recovered our investment in the first 45 days.

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