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Agile Lead Management software for businesses that want to cut their lead leakage to zero. Convert your potential leads into substantial revenue with Lead Management Software.


What is Lead Management?

Lead management is the process in which business opportunities i.e. leads are managed through the sales process. With the Lead Management Software, you can manage your leads efficiently from anywhere.

The lead management software by Orgzit does exactly that. Instead of using manual tracking, let your sales team leverage the power of a fully automated tracking system. Instead of manually triggering flows or reaching out manually, they’ll be able to use Orgzit lead management functionality to trigger interaction at exactly the right time

Helps businesses understand which tactics are bringing in the best leads

Lead management documents a person’s full history of interactions and experiences with your company

Track activities of your leads which helps in providing necessary information about leads

Capture, organize and manage leads with ease

Drive more sales with our easy to use lead management system

Capture All Leads

Capture All Leads

Capture leads from multiple sources – website, email, Facebook, Google, lead providers, referrals – onto one platform without any lead leakage. All this can be done with the Orgzit lead management system.


Lead Tracking & Sales Funnel

Record and track every interaction your leads have with your team through the sales process in a singular and clean view. This is a crucial advantage of the Lead Management Software.

Lead Distribution

Automated Lead Distribution

Automatically assign and distribute leads to different team members based on configurable rules and other dynamic criteria with the lead management system.


Role-Based Access

All users need not be given full access to the system. Their access can be restricted to only the leads relevant to their role based on customizable permission templates. Lead access can also be given based on time duration.

Lead Scoring

Lead Scoring & Qualification

Auto score leads based on qualification criteria before passing them onto the sales team.

Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration

Stay on the same page (literally) – see in real-time when others view, comment, or edit

Capture your online leads

Capture leads from all your online channels – email, webforms, paid ads, social media, chat, and more with the Orgzit lead management system.

Capture your online leads
Lead distribution

Lead distribution

Distribution of leads according to their needs, desires, and goals to the correct sales representative can be effectively done with the Lead Management Software.

Lead nurturing

Make effective and meaningful connections with your potential customers with Orgzit Lead Management Software. Our sales lead management is streamlined and will save you a great of time.

lead nurturing
We use Orgzit CRM for lead management & invoicing. I was amazed to see its flexibility and onboarding speed.
Kumar Verma Founder, Super Surfaces India Pvt. Ltd.
super surfaces
super surfaces

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