Orgzit vs Zoho CRM

Which Solution is Right for Your B2B Sales Team?

So, when it comes to improving your sales process, you've got two options on the table. You could go for those pre-built tools that might work, but hey, they might not perfectly fit your unique workflow. Or, you can have a CRM that's like a glove custom-made for your business success. The choice is crystal clear.

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orgzit VS zoho


Orgzit vs Zoho

Orgzit CRM is a comprehensive powerhouse that not only matches up to your process but can be tailored exactly the way you want it! With Orgzit, you can finally address this pain point and experience a sales CRM solution that fits your business needs.

Zoho is a renowned software company that offers a wide range of applications and services for businesses. While Zoho provides many useful tools, the onboarding process for their products can indeed be challenging and time-consuming for certain users.

Best Suited For Businesses with complex sales processes Businesses with fairly standard sales processes
End-to-end Sales enablement Built-in Complex - Possible with use of multiple applications
Customizability Yes, no-code (Do it Yourself) Requires technical support from 3rd party partners
Admin or developer needed for customizations & maintenance No Yes
Customer success Dedicated success team Pay extra
Usability Easy to use Long learning curve
Budget Best value Expensive
Pricing All inclusive Pricing publicly available Multiple add-ons Complex pricing with hidden costs
G2 Reviews
Zoho CRM was easy to get started with. However, as our business requirements evolved, we started noticing major gaps in the level of customizations possible and rigidity to map our sales processes in Zoho.

Orgzit brought a completely new way of building a very flexible and powerful CRM for our real estate business. It has enabled our sales teams to challenge the status quo and think out of the box without any restrictions.
Yaseen Ali CRM Manager, CuEngine Turkey

Why Do You Need Zoho CRM Alternative?

Steep Learning Curve and Price Concerns

Zoho CRM has its strengths for standard sales but lacks customizability and flexibility. Its complex architecture may overwhelm small teams seeking simplicity. Certain sales functions, like managing complex product catalogs, can be challenging for Zoho.

  • Steep Learning Curve – Technical Background Required The onboarding process for Zoho can be challenging and time-consuming.
  • Pricing Zoho plans can get expensive with more tools and features.
  • Interface The site may have loading issues and a slow interface.
  • Insufficient Customer Support Users report disconnection between sales departments and a lack of honesty.
  • Customization Zoho CRM offers limited customization for evolving business requirements.
  • End-to-end sales process
    With Expensive Add-ons
    Sales Workflow Customizability
    Ease of Use
    Unlimited Sales Pipeline
    Grannual Access Controls
    Fully Customizable Report
    Dedicated Customer Success team
    Drag & Drop Automation, No Coding Required

    "Tailor-made CRM for Senocare health care services - Orgzit delivers a dashboard to us in operations, finance and sales to help us stay on the top of business goals. I can manage all of our clients, service tickets, invoices in one place."


    "Difficult to navigate, frequent bugs, poor support - We constantly need to contact support. Support is often difficult to understand and slow to respond."

    User in Computer Software

    "All data in one place, no matter wether big or small - In Orgzit, I can effortlessly maintain all my documents and seamlessly connect and communicate with associates about these files. It has eliminated previous communication challenges."


    "It is not recommended for startups - We couldn't set up the platform for our employees even after two weeks."

    User in IT Service

    "Map, organize and integrate intricate workflows and processes - Orgzit has particularly improved paperwork, maintenance, and tenant management making property management simple and easy."


    "Difficult to implement - It is overly complicated and unless you are already proficient in navigating the nuances of a CRM it is not user friendly."

    User in Professional training and coaching

    "User-friendly interface is quick to adapt - I find the simplicity of Orgzit's UI/UX to be its best feature. it has increased our team's efficiency and productivity."


    "Incomplete CRM and low usability - No easy integration, terrible support and links between sections are unclear leading to duplicate records."

    User in Transportation/Trucking/Railroad

    Why Orgzit CRM Outshines Zoho CRM?

    Discover the CRM that transforms your sales process and delivers results like never before - Orgzit! With a perfect blend of power, flexibility, and simplicity, Orgzit stands out as the ultimate choice for your business.

    Highly Customizable Workflows

    Tailor your CRM to match your unique sales process with Orgzit's highly customizable pipeline stages and workflows. Say goodbye to cookie-cutter solutions and embrace true adaptability.

    Industry-Focused Templates

    Get industry-specific templates and customizations designed for manufacturers' representatives in the HVAC, Electrical Goods, Services, Construction, and Building Materials industries. Orgzit caters to your business needs!

    Integrated Project Management

    Seamlessly collaborate between sales and operations teams with Orgzit's integrated project management tools. Boost efficiency and drive success with a unified approach.

    Advanced Permissions & Access Control

    Rest easy with granular control over user permissions and data access. Orgzit prioritizes your data security and confidentiality.

    No Code Platform

    No tech headaches! Orgzit's no-code platform allows easy customization without the need for IT support. Focus on growing your business, not handling technical complexities.

    Dedicated Support for Your Success

    Orgzit is here to help you overcome your unique challenges and thrive.

    Orgzit Ideal Customer Checklist

    Orgzit CRM caters to a diverse range of customers, offering tailored solutions to suit their specific requirements and drive sales success.

  • Seeking an All-in-One Solution: Tired of juggling multiple tools? Orgzit offers a single CRM software to seamlessly manage your entire sales process.
  • Flexibility is Key: Are standard CRMs falling short? Embrace Orgzit's flexibility, catering to YOUR unique requirements.
  • Scale with Confidence: As your team grows, so does Orgzit - a flexible and scalable CRM solution for your business expansion.
  • Customizations Without the Hassle: No big IT budgets are needed! Enjoy tailored solutions without breaking the bank.
  • IT Team Required: Say goodbye to the IT headache. Orgzit is designed for easy management, even without an internal IT team.
  • Affordability Matters: Budget-friendly CRM that packs a powerful punch? Orgzit delivers precisely that!
  • Perfect Fit for Small Businesses: If your sales team comprises fewer than 100 people, Orgzit is the ideal match for your ambitions.
  • Embrace Complexity with Ease: Complex sales process? Not a problem! Orgzit empowers seamless collaboration across internal teams, from sales to order fulfillment and service.
  • Simplicity Equals Success: No time for extensive training? Orgzit's user-friendly interface lets your teams start selling and satisfying customers from day one!
  • Summary

    Choosing the Right CRM: Orgzit vs. Zoho - Which Solution Fits Your Needs?

  • Orgzit is not just a CRM; it's a productivity powerhouse for your sales team.
  • As an all-in-one sales platform, it handles your end-to-end sales, service, and support processes without additional sales tools.
  • Designed with your sales team in mind, Orgzit prioritizes ease of use, ensuring a seamless experience.
  • It effortlessly adapts to your complex sales workflows with its flexibility and scalability.
  • Orgzit comes at a fraction of the cost, making it a more budget-friendly option without sacrificing functionality.
  • zoho
  • Zoho suits larger organizations with the resources to customize and administer their CRM instance.
  • Be prepared for additional costs with Zoho's requirement for third-party add-ons to enable key sales functions.
  • Working with 3rd party agencies and investing in training and configuration can be time-consuming with Zoho CRM, delaying your sales progress.
  • For those with advanced CRM requirements and a need for extensive customization and interoperability with other sales tools, Zoho could be a viable choice.
  • If you're looking for various software to manage different aspects of your business beyond a CRM (e.g., HR, Payroll), Zoho offers diverse options.
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