Orgzit vs. Other CRMs

Here at Orgzit, we always value transparency and self-awareness. We do not play down competition.

In a space as saturated as CRM software, we are deeply connected to our target customer and the value we bring to them as their growth partner. But we’re not the ideal match for everyone.

After analysing our main competitors on the market ‒ the other solutions you’re likely to compare us against ‒ here’s how we stack up against each of them.

Where Orgzit excels:

  • For small and medium businesses (sales teams of < 100 people)
  • For businesses that have a complex sales process that are not manageable in off-the shelf CRM systems
  • Is one of the CRM that supports fastest customization + team adoption
  • Improving sales process and team’s productivity by 2x
  • Has a dedicated success team for all customers
  • Straightforward & transparent pricing: no hidden fees, upselling or expensive consulting costs
  • Where Orgzit is weaker:

  • Not the best-suited for organizations wanting features for marketing automation, new lead generation, multi-channel customer bulk outreach or internal chat
  • Not designed for only for lead management for use by only sales teams
  • orgzit
    microsoft dynamics 365
    Target sales team size < 100 100+ 100+ 100+ 100+ <5
    End-to-end sales process Yes Yes, with add-ons Yes, with add-ons Sales + marketing Yes, with add-ons Only for sales
    Pricing All-inclusive pricing publicly available Sales call required, complex pricing with hidden costs Sales call required, complex pricing with hidden costs Sales call required, complex pricing with hidden costs Sales call required, complex pricing with hidden costs Low initial cost, many add-ons required when scaling
    Custom Implementation Timeline Days Months Months Not Available Weeks Not Available
    Ease of Use Easy Complex Complex Moderately Difficult Moderately Difficult Easy
    Budget Best Value Very Expensive Very Expensive Expensive Expensive Affordable
    Customer Success Dedicated success team Pay extra Pay extra Pay extra Pay extra Not available
    Training & Implementation Optional Add-on purchase required Add-on purchase required Add-on purchase required Add-on purchase required $0
    Admin or developer needed? No Yes Yes Yes Yes No
    Have more questions? More Info Have more questions? Have more questions? More Info Have more questions?
    I know in my heart that what was an initial cost is going to be worth its weight in gold with the benefit of being able to track through all sales related things.
    Carolyn Arote President, ADE Systems Inc.

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    What questions should I ask before choosing a CRM?

    You’re aware of how CRMs can help you grow your business, but do you know the questions you should be asking to effectively evaluate and compare CRMs?
    • CRMs is a software that helps sales teams enforce and manage their sales processes.

      When you compare CRMs, one of the most important elements is to ensure that your CRM helps you achieve this core objective. Many CRMs help you manage one or two parts of your sales process but not the entire process effectively. This can be sufficient in some cases but in most cases sales teams are left to the perils of using Excel spreadsheets, tasks managers, calendar apps, or even emails inboxes to manage a number of important steps of the sales process.

      Such a setup can be fine for sometime but mostly fails as the organization’s needs to mature and they are left with no option but to find a new CRM. To prevent having to switch tools a year or two down the road, see what kind of features are available across all plans, not just the one you’re interested in now.

    • Every CRM will need some customization to make it fit your business and sales process. Creating things like custom fields and pipelines is standard, but does it let you automate parts of your unique sales processes?

      Many CRMs promise customizability of their products to meet your sales processes but please take a good look at the level of customizability. Adding a custom field or a message template is not going to meet your custom requirements as your business evolves. Your CRM needs change dramatically and hence your CRM needs to be flexible and cost effective to meet your evolving business needs.

      Look at CRM comparisons to see how much flexibility you'll get and at what cost for the customizations you need with different providers.

    • When comparing CRMs, one of the most overlooked factors is whether the CRM can continue to meet your business needs as your business grows and evolves. You may want to start with something basic, but you’d be surprised how quickly a good CRM has you hitting all your targets.

      To prevent having to switch CRM every year or two, see what kind of features are available across all plans, not just the one you’re interested in now. In an ideal, you should be able to start with the basic cost-effective package and subscribe to more advanced features as your business needs evolve.

    • What is worse than having no CRM? It is having a CRM that your sales team refuses to use as they find it difficult and complicated to use.

      Compared to spreadsheets and pen and paper, most CRM systems can seem complicated. The right CRM is the one that offers you the flexibility to enforce and manage your sales processes with least effort and time. The key is to find a CRM that’s powerful yet intuitive. Tools with all the bells and whistles may seem good at first glance, but if they take your team months to learn and get efficient with, that’s a lot of lost time and productivity.

    • Successful Sales Teams rely on actual data to improve their sales processes. Your CRM software should be able to provide sales reports that are crucial for improving your sales results and also for creating leaderboards for motivating your team.

      If you want to run a sales organization that depends on data to make decisions, look for a CRM that offers a flexible reporting engine. The power of flexible and easy to use reporting cannot be over emphasized.

    • CRM success depends on the quality of the software and also the quality of the professional support you get from your CRM provider. If a software error or enhancement can cost you a big deal then you can’t afford to live with inferior quality support.

      Look for CRM software that offers professional support to help you get maximum value from your CRM. Further, the support should be available through different channels and promptly - you can’t afford to wait five working days for an email response.

    Focus on activities that matter

    Orgzit is designed to

  • Meet the requirements of agile teams that need to control complex end-to-end sales processes
  • Not require extensive IT admin or tech support
  • Make scaling up as your team grows a breeze
  • Easily integrate with other tech tools that you use to efficiently manage your sales process
  • Meet your custom requirements, without spending a fortune
  • comparison-activity

    Orgzit = Competitive + Transparent Pricing