About Kipro Technologies

Kipro Technologies is a renowned 25-year-old Indian manufacturer representative and distributor. They specialize in providing fuel and lube monitoring innovations. Their two primary manufacturers are Kitytywake and Stanhope. Their customers range from Defence, Marine, and Railways to Steel, Cement, Power, and Oil and Gas. They have multiple offices located in Gurugram, Mumbai, and Vizag, respectively.

  • Website https://www.kipro.in/
  • Industry Oil and Energy
  • Headquarters India

  • Specialties

    • Condition monitoring
    • Instruments for quality control

Kipro's challenges with managing daily operations and lack of business insights

When Abhimanyu and his friend were discussing their business, his friend pulled out the latest report on deals won and deals in the pipeline in a few minutes. Abhimanyu was amazed and embarrassed. He realized that even to know the number of due tenders, he had to ask his managers or accounts person.

His friend showed him they had recently started using software to manage their sales operations. Now, with a few clicks, his friend could see everything happening in the business, even in the middle of the night.

That's when Abhimanyu realized he needed something more powerful than Excel.

Abhimanyu ran his business on Excel. The biggest challenge for him was the unclear business status. He depended on his team for every small sales data. If not, he would spend hours searching data on old emails.

He did not have easy access and visibility to data such as: - Due tenders - Bids that were due - Quote history, such as sent quotes - Orders in the queue - Invoices

Without the necessary data, he felt stuck and frustrated. He couldn’t make business decisions with conviction.

It wasn't just Abhimanyu who felt chaos and invisibility. The team suffered from unproductivity, which often led to errors.

Operational challenges included:

  • Inquiries, quotations, invoices, and orders were all tracked and managed manually. Quotes generated manually by tallying data in multiple Excel sheets resulted in errors.
  • The use of Tally for invoicing meant that the sales team had to rely on the finance team for creating invoices and payment status updates.
  • They handled payment status, tender due dates, and AMC contract renewals on Excel sheets. Lack of reminders on Excel resulted in missed payments and deadlines.
  • Earnest Money Deposit (Bank Guarantee) was often missed, costing money loss.
Excel vs Orgzit

How Kipro streamlined daily operations and catalyzed sales growth

Orgzit emerged as the glove-fit solution to Kipro Tech's challenges.

Its flexible structure has evolved as Kipro’s requirements have changed over time. Kipro has been scaling its use cases on the Orgzit platform. Unlike competitors who rely on channel partners, it offers in-house services backed by extensive expertise, ensuring faster implementation and superior support at a reasonable cost.

Orgzit has empowered Abhimanyu with easy access to all the business-related data. He can now access his deals in the pipeline and, the performance of team members and create sales reports for planning future strategies. And that, too, right when he needs it.

The teams in turn, are also empowered by using Orgzit’s central dashboard. They are now seamlessly managing the entire sales workflow, from inquiries and quotations to orders, invoices, and delivery tracking.

  • Quotes, orders, invoices, and delivery details are all linked up in a single platform, giving transparency across all internal teams.
  • Generating quotes, orders, and invoices is faster with 100% accuracy
  • Tracking each task and activity through a single platform
  • The sales rep can follow up on payments without relying on the accounts team, as they can access the payment status right from their dashboard.
  • Quick Reports on opportunities won, leads by salesperson, month, conversions, revenue, and more.
  • Timely withdrawal of the bank guarantee (10% on the invoice) with automated reminders saves money.
  • Tracking and renewing expiring AMC contracts with automated reminders provides proactive maintenance, which is highly valuable to their customers.
I used to struggle so much with finding sales info; it was a real headache. But Orgzit changed that completely. It gives me all the data I need in one place.
Now, I can actually spend my time on important things, like growing the business and ensuring the satisfaction of our customers.

Umber Ali
General Manager, Kipro

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