SGS and Orgzit’s Story

Satkartar Glass Solutions is a trailblazer in the glass industry, driven by innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. With a relentless focus on research and development, they push the boundaries of what's possible, offering cutting-edge glass solutions that surpass industry standards. From architectural marvels to specialized products, they deliver top-notch quality that leaves clients in awe. With an unwavering commitment to superior service, Satkartar Glass Solutions sets the bar high, providing prompt assistance and exceeding customer expectations. Satkartar Glass Solutions is the go-to choice for industry professionals seeking groundbreaking glass solutions for unparalleled innovation, quality, and exceptional customer experience.

Orgzit's all-in-one sales CRM software is pivotal in Satkartar Glass Solutions' rise to industry leadership. Orgzit empowered Satkartar to deliver exceptional customer experiences by streamlining sales processes and enhancing efficiency. With deep insights into customer preferences, Satkartar personalized its offerings, increasing conversions. Orgzit's intuitive interface and robust features enabled seamless lead management, customer interaction, tracking, and deal closure. Now, industry professionals can't resist the allure of Orgzit CRM, knowing it's the key to elevating their sales game and becoming leaders in their own right.

Goals at SGS

  • Foster Innovation

  • Drive R&D Excellence

  • Deliver Superior Quality Products and Services

Status Quo

Sales, estimation, and finance team functions at SGS were handled through multiple spreadsheets. Project schedules, and inventory management were all done through manual data entry. Retrieving the information was cumbersome and time-consuming.

We looked up to spreadsheet for almost everything from sharing project schedules, tracking new products, managing product inventories, to following up with leads regularly.

Amrik Singh

SGS faced several pain points:

  • Collaboration was tedious and unclear, confusing individual tasks.

  • Lack of transparency in operations resulted in significant business losses.

  • Lost leads negatively affected the after-sales department.

  • The team's misalignment with the business vision and mission disrupted operations.

  • The market predominantly offered vanilla software solutions. Salesforces and Zoho didn't meet the needs of our business.

  • These solutions were not customizable to address their business-specific challenges.

  • SGS couldn't find a suitable solution within their budget and desired timeline.


Business Challenges Faced by Satkartar Glass Solutions

  • Lack of Reports: There was no accounting for closed deals or sales calls. Managers or executives had no way of knowing team sales activities or identifying areas for improvement.

  • Lead Management: With only 40 plus employees and 500 + customers, and numerous incoming leads, managing high-priority prospects was far-fetched. Lack of awareness regarding potential customers' requirements and preferences resulted in disorganized lead nurturing.

  • Disrupted Communication: Internal communication was fragmented and disjointed, with valuable time dedicated to reporting daily activities in meetings, resulting in a loss of productivity for both executives and teams involved.

  • Ineffective Customer Management: Lack of knowledge of customers' preferences; it was impossible to foster personalized experience.

Simple Requirements of SGS that Orgzit Understood

SGS required simple yet practical output from their software. We at Orgzit understood their needs immediately and knew what they needed.

  • Robust Tracking Capability: The software must possess a robust tracking system that enables comprehensive monitoring and tracking of leads and lead nurturing. Striking a balance between team accountability and individual autonomy, the software fosters a work environment where employees are held accountable while allowing them to work at their own pace.

  • Transparency Features: The software should incorporate transparency features that provide users with clear visibility into the system's operations, facilitating informed decision-making and enhancing accountability.

  • Customization Options: The software must offer customization options for user requirements and preferences. This includes configuring settings, personalizing workflows, and adapting the software to different business needs.

  • Service Satisfaction Module: The software should include a dedicated module or functionality that measures and improves customer satisfaction. This module should enable businesses to collect feedback, analyze customer interactions, and take necessary actions to enhance service quality and customer experience.

Elevating Business with Orgzit

As a growth partner to SGS, Orgzit's tech team sat down with Amrik and his core team to understand their business challenges.

Team Orgzit understood and presented the features and tools we have been seeking.

Amrik Singh

Since switching to Orgzit, SGS has saved a considerable amount of money it had earlier spent on IT maintenance and administrative tasks. For senior management, reports and dashboards have also worked wonders, saving roughly 40 hours of the senior management's time a week - roughly 2080 hours a year.

  • Improved Customer Service: Satkartar Glass Solutions have used Orgzit for many years. The business development team at SGS has fully embraced the opportunity to effortlessly share knowledge, and sales collaterals, work together on business opportunities, and do much more. With reporting and analytics, SGS gets a 360-degree view of lead flow, pending tasks, accomplished tasks, etc., resulting in improved customer service and reduced response time.

  • Transparency At Its Best: It's not just about official documents and task tracking. SGS has achieved an excellent work management platform, helping them become a more personal and sociable organization. Orgzit gives SGS team the power to have their entire day at their fingertips. With Orgzit's Android app, the team now knows what exactly to focus on, even when they are on the move.

  • Works Like Building Blocks: Orgzit is customizable and easy to use.

  • Comprehensive Solution: Offer a comprehensive, all-in-one solution.

  • Business Management Expertise: Provide expertise in managing the entire business, not just lead management.

  • Order Tracking: Efficiently track orders from placement to delivery and installation.

  • Quotation Management: Streamline the process of creating and managing quotations

"With Orgzit, we have created our work management app. Employees at all levels are embracing Orgzit to connect and get work done,"

Amrik Singh

Benefits of Orgzit

  • Cost-Effective High Turnover: Achieve a substantial turnover rate while minimizing investment expenses.

  • Remote Reporting: Eliminate the need for frequent in-person meetings through software-based reporting.

  • Comprehensive Business Insights: Gain a thorough understanding of all facets of business operations.

  • Streamlined Information Flow: Provide employees autonomy while obtaining the necessary information.

  • Holistic Analysis: Examine micro-level and macro-level factors to ensure a comprehensive business evaluation.

  • Clearly Defined Deadlines: Set target dates for employees to enhance productivity and performance.

  • Optimize Business Operations: Effectively address organizational challenges and enhance turnover rates.


Orgzit has successfully made SGS a better-connected workplace where people love to come to work and deliver distinguished customer service.

Just like Satkartar Glass Solutions, do you, too, want to give your business the Orgzit power? Contact us and book a demo.

Happy Customers Refer Proudly

Amrik Singh
Amrik Singh
Orgzit helped us streamline core business operations. Orgzit is now the single source of truth for sales, projects and other operations workflows.

About Satkartar Glass Solutions (SGS)

Satkartar Glass Solutions (SGS) founded in the year 1963 has been providing innovative glass solutions for residential and commercial sectors. The company was founded with a vision to provide innovative glass and aluminium concepts to their customers in New Delhi NCR.

Satkartar distinguishes themselves from their counterparts in the industry in terms of their innovation-driven, quality product and services. Through their grueling efforts in R&D, they are known to have developed unique techniques that have sparked modernization in the field of construction & interior designing business in India.

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