Challenges of Manual Quoting Process

In the B2B business of sales and bidding, CAVH confronted several obstacles that hindered their progress. CAVH faced numerous challenges in managing its sales processes effectively. Their manual methods only exacerbated these issues, leaving their team looking for a more streamlined approach.

  • Cumbersome Quote Management: The sheer volume of bids they had to handle regularly. The manual generation, review, and approval of quotes proved time-consuming and prone to errors. Crucial information for quoting jobs was scattered across multiple sources, causing delays and inefficiencies. Enforcing consistent rules for quote review and approval became an intricate puzzle.

  • Lack of Real-Time Data and Reports: The absence of accurate data reporting prevented CAVH from gaining valuable insights into their best customers, identifying inactive customers, or analyzing the most profitable product categories and

  • Team Accountability: Tracking the productivity of estimators remained unknown, with no reliable means of measuring their progress. The absence of a centralized dashboard for task management made assigning and tracking work difficult, resulting in confusion and inefficiencies.

  • Lack of Collaboration Between Teams: Scheduling jobs and tracking their progress became time-consuming, while changes made along the way were challenging to trace. The equitable distribution of work among estimators proved elusive, leaving managers uncertain about individual workloads.

  • Manual Processes Hindered Sales Efficiency: The lack of automated processes deprived them of efficient follow-ups, timely reminders, and streamlined project management.

CAVH Problem

The most challenging obstacle CAVH faced was resistance to change and a reluctance to depart from traditional processes. Overcoming this mindset proved a significant hurdle, impeding progress and stifling innovation.

Recognizing the need for a transformative solution, CAVH embarked on a journey to modernize its operations. They sought cutting-edge tools and technologies to automate and streamline their sales and bidding processes, unleashing their true potential.

Automation and project management emerged as crucial aspects that CAVH sought to incorporate into its operations. Their search led them to discover a game-changing platform called Orgzit, a powerful tool designed to address their specific challenges. Orgzit offered a comprehensive quotation solution tailored to the complexity of CAVH's product catalog and intricate sales hierarchy. This newfound ally empowered sales reps and estimators to create quotes swiftly and accurately, freeing valuable time to focus on nurturing new opportunities and serving qualified customers.

Orgzit and CAVH Collaboration

As CAVH integrated Orgzit into its operations, a wave of efficiency swept the company. Time previously spent on laborious manual processes was now redirected toward strategic endeavors. Automation enabled seamless follow-ups and timely reminders, while project management became a streamlined process with clear instructions and enhanced accountability. A centralized dashboard provided real-time visibility into assigned tasks, ensuring equitable work distribution and fostering collaboration. Tracking job schedules and changes became effortless, facilitating better coordination among team members.

  • Single Dashboard Solution: A centralized dashboard provided real-time visibility into assigned tasks, ensuring equitable work distribution and fostering collaboration.

  • Enhanced Team Accountability: Tracking job schedules and changes became effortless, facilitating better coordination among team members.

  • Real-Time Visibility: With real-time data at their fingertips, CAVH could make well-informed decisions promptly. By having instant access to the status of ongoing projects and quotes, they could provide their customers with timely updates and accurate information.

  • Seamless Collaboration: Orgzit helped CAVH to break down communication barriers and integrate different teams and departments. The collective effort of different teams allows for flexible and adaptive problem-solving.

  • Comprehensive Quoting Solution: Orgzit quote system significantly reduced the time and effort required to create quotes for CAVH. It minimized manual errors and ensured consistency in the quoting process. Orgzit’s robust quoting solution provided real-time quote tracking, allowing CAVH to monitor the progress of each quote and identify potential roadblocks.

CAVH Solutions

CAVH's journey towards transformation stands as a contemporary success story. They embraced adaptation and innovation, finding their ally in the flexible Orgzit CRM, which enabled them to break free from traditional constraints and achieve tangible results. Leveraging the powerful features of Orgzit, CAVH successfully transformed its sales and bidding process. The user-friendly nature of the application made it effortless for them to adapt to changes seamlessly.

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Carolyn Arote
Carolyn Arote
President, CAVH Corp
Orgzit transformed our sales team into a true selling machine. We can generate and convert quotes like never before

About CAVH Corp.

CAVH is the exclusive representative of HVAC manufacturing in New York, New Jersey, and Florida.

For over 40 years, CAVH has built a strong reputation for providing excellent services in contracting, engineering, and architectural communities. With strong industry knowledge, they are a leading company providing HVAC needs for greenfield and retrofit projects.

CAVH has five offices spread across New York and Florida. They are distributors for leading brands, including Titus, Geenheck, Yaskawa, and many more.

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