The Collaboration Challenge

ADE Systems bids for 100+ projects every week through a sales force of 20+ sales reps. Before starting on Orgzit, sales reps and estimators collaborated to create quotations in Excel files stored in a shared drive. This was an extremely laborious and error-prone process, due to which sales reps and estimators used to spend too much time creating quotations in office and less time in front of customers.

It also made it difficult for Sales Managers to have a consolidated dashboard view across their teams, leading to too much time spent in searching, reviewing and approving quotes. A key reason that prevented ADE Systems from using generic quotation tools is the complexity of the product catalog and project-specific exceptions.

Productivity Like Never Before

Orgzit was able to solve ADE Systems’ challenges with a Quotation solution that supports the complex product catalog and the sales hierarchy structure seamlessly. Sales reps and Estimators are able to create quotes and send it out to customers within a few minutes, saving them valuable time and allowing them to spend more time prospecting new opportunities and selling to qualified customers. With a solid sales process foundation in place, ADE Systems is planning to expand the sales and estimators team.

Happy Customers Refer Proudly

Carolyn Arote
Orgzit transformed our sales team into a true selling machine. We are able to generate and convert quotes like never before

About ADE Systems Inc.

ADE Systems is a premier manufacturers representative of HVAC products in New York, New Jersey, and Florida.

For over 40 years, ADE Systems has built a strong reputation for providing excellent services in contracting, engineering, and architectural communities. They are a leading company providing HVAC needs on both greenfield and retrofit projects.

ADE Systems has been providing HVAC solutions for over 40+ years, with a reputation of excellence in the contracting, engineering, and architectural communities. ADE Systems has 5 offices spread across New York and Florida. They are distributors for leading brands including Titus, Geenheck, Yaskawa, and many more.

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