Trading Management (For Large Organizations)

Trading companies are businesses that work with different kinds of products that are sold to customers, businesses and government agencies. Trading companies procure products from manufacturers and wholesalers, maintain stock or a shop and deliver products to end customers.

Using this business operations launcher for Large Trading Companies the entire business operations of the trading company can be digitized and automated. Traders can maintain a centralized system to manage all aspects of their trading business including material procurement, inventory management, and sales orders.

This launcher is a replacement for complicated ERP systems and other desktop-based software using which trading companies can run their entire business from an integrated fast web and mobile application.

Get real-time insightful reports and dashboards into every element of your business so that you can make well-informed business decisions. Whether you are deciding run fire sales to clear out old stocks or improve backend operations for faster deliveries.

Don't wait for tomorrow to streamline your business operations. Try this Orgzit launcher today to get a complete ready-made solution for your trading business operations and get your entire team working cohesively.

Key Use Cases

  • Centralize your leads, customer and vendors data
  • Capture, convert and manage all your leads
  • Region-specific lead categorization and owner-specific lead visibility
  • Seamless collaboration with real-time discussions & file sharing
  • Maintain a product catalogues, pricing lists and track their inventory via automated workflows
  • Manage your Sales and Purchases through a single platform
  • Operations management for your Sales orders and their deliveries
  • Simplify & Automate tax calculation & tax reports
  • Generate branded GST enabled invoices and track payments from Clients

Key Benefits

  • Never miss a business opportunity or let any lead go cold
  • Get more visibility into your sales process
  • Reduce false commitments to customers by knowing your actual product inventory
  • Reduce errors automating raising of professional looking invoices
  • Track outstanding sales order payments
  • Automated / Digital payment collection
Business Operations Launcher for Large Trading Companies

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