Customer Support Desk

The Customer Support Desk Launcher from Orgzit helps you manage customer support tasks with great ease and accuracy. You can use it to efficiently track customer support tickets, complaints and more.

Customer Support Desk launcher provides an easy to use online web and mobile software that's easy for small teams and scalable for large teams of experts. Tickets are automatically arranged according to type, due date, priority and other customizable tags based so that support executives no longer end up wasting time searching for tickets or relevant customer data to delight your customers with excellent customer service.

Intelligently assign and manage tickets, track team performance and send automated email and SMS updates to customers. Search and filter to see open tickets, historical data for any particular customer or service agent to track performance on meeting Service Level Agreements (SLAs), costs etc.

This Orgzit Launcher helps you centralize client support management at one place, and provide timely support and better customer service. Try it now!

Key Use Cases

  • Track customer support tickets
  • Assign tickets to members of your customer support teams
  • Discuss in real-time ticket with team members and create sub-tasks for internal team
  • Send automated email and SMS notifications to customers
  • View ticket in visual Kanban board by severity or status
  • Generate reports and track

Key Benefits

  • Centralizing client support management a one place
  • Provide timely support and better customer service
  • Track time and effort for every support request
  • Provide timely ticket resolution and never miss any high priority tickets
  • Save time with automation and standardization
Customer Support Desk

Change your sales process
from chaos to a streamlined system