Task Tracker

With Orgzit’s Simple Task Tracker Launcher, you get a smart & easy-to-use system to manage your daily tasks such as discussing about the release of your company’s new feature, or hosting demos, meetings and more while mapping them with their respective type, user, time & date and task name.

So now you can easily track statuses of your tasks and plan well in advance.

List of Apps in this launcher

  • Task Planner

Key Use Cases

  • Track all types of tasks
  • Assign Tasks to different users
  • Always stay in sync with the tasks and their progress
  • Prioritize tasks and set due dates
  • Track the amount of days spent on tasks

Key Benefits

  • Prioritize and organize your and your team’s tasks
  • Never miss out on any tasks or deadlines
Task Tracker

Change your sales process
from chaos to a streamlined system