Small Business Marketing

Most Small Businesses get most of their business by serving a local customer base, which means the typical ways of digital marketing are not sufficient to help them grow their business. With this flexible Small Business Marketing Launchers, businesses can increase foot traffic to their stores with by maintaining their customers' information, personalizing their interactions, running one-of-a-kind loyalty and promotional campaigns.

With this simple to use marketing launcher, you can gather contact information and send targeted reminders, promotions, birthday deals, and more to all your customers.

Key Use Cases

  • Gather contact information for one or more store
  • Segment customers based on location, and other meta information
  • Send targeted reminders, promotions, birthday deals etc through email and SMS.

Key Benefits

  • Increase foot traffic to your business
  • Get more business than your local competitors
  • Make every customer into a loyal customer
Small Business Marketing

Comprehensive, Cloud-based, and Customizable – Scales across teams in any business.

No credit card required. No IT setup needed. Start instantly.