Simple Real Estate CRM

Most real estate agencies lose nearly 50% sales opportunities because of no or delayed follow-ups. Plus, it can be extremely overwhelming to keep up with the changing markets, juggle with multiple customers, brokers, and stay ahead of the game. Sounds familiar? With Orgzit’s Launcher for real-estate agencies, you can now streamline your work, stay more organized and proactive on leads.

Say bye-bye to long checklists and scrambled daily routines that are absolutely stopping your business growth! With a mission to pull you out from the cumbersome work management process, the Launcher gives you a centralized system to manage your sales inquiries and automate many of the day-to-day tasks and workflows. Get started now!

Key Use Cases

  • Manage clients and properties from one place
  • Create tasks for important checklist items such as scheduling calls or sending documents that were discussed.
  • Automatically notify agents when a new lead is assigned to them
  • Manage collaboration with associates to simplify deal sharing
  • Track and manage all interactions & transactions related to each property
  • Attach files, discuss and manage activities related to each application
  • Automated emails and SMS based on automated rules
  • Track agent performance and revenue growth

Key Benefits

  • Reduce lead leakage and close more deals every single day
  • Never miss out on inquiries and make your business stand out with extraordinary service
  • Simplify management of processing of your agency’s day to day operations
  • Get your entire sales team & associates on a single platform
Simple Real Estate CRM

Comprehensive, Cloud-based, and Customizable – Scales across teams in any business.

No credit card required. No IT setup needed. Start instantly.