Food Order Management

Running a food ordering company is no small deal. Whether you own a fast food restaurant, fine dining, or a gastropub, Orgzit’s Food Order Management Launcher helps you streamline your order management and delivery processes.

This launcher helps you organize and manage your everyday reckless and random lists of to-do’s, centralizes all information pertaining to restaurants, maintains restaurant menus, and gets customer information at one place for easy access. Start with this launcher to kickstart with managing your order operations and easily scale with time to make the same system into your customized restaurant ERP software.

Deliver a deliciously memorable food delivery experience with the Food Order Management Launcher. Get started today and start providing better services and offers to your customers.

Key Use Cases

  • Centralize all information pertaining to your restaurant management and food order management operations
  • Digitize your restaurant menus and update them with ease with just a few clicks
  • Track and manage customer details at a centralized place for easy access and use data to provide customized offers for all your customers
  • Centralize all the customer complaints and keep track of them
  • Automated notifications via e-mail and SMSes to customers and delivery personnel

Key Benefits

  • Never miss out on any orders from customers
  • Spend less time managing day-to-day operations and focus on growing your business
  • Create customer loyaly based campaigns with special offers and discounts
  • Provide best customer service by prioritizing order and tracking timings
Food Order Management

Comprehensive, Cloud-based, and Customizable – Scales across teams in any business.

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