Wedding Planning

Plan the perfect celebration with our comprehensive Wedding Planning Launcher. With this Launcher, you can plan your simple or lavish wedding without sweating or getting cold feet.

Using this simple information management launcher will ensure that your special day goes without a hitch. From wedding venues, menus, guests lists, vendors, gifts, we've got wedding planning covered for you!

Key Use Cases

  • List down venue options
  • Store and manage the guests' lists
  • Track whether the guests are coming to the ceremony & associated logistics
  • Track the items/supplies needed for the various ceremonies
  • Assign Tasks to different users
  • Track vendors and work with them to help you get the best setup for your wedding
  • Manage wedding invitations to track how many people have I invited and how many are coming to the ceremony
  • Track staying and logistics arrangements for guests

Key Benefits

  • Reduce the stress of managing the various tasks associated with your wedding
  • Get the best service and negotiate the best deals to stay within budget
  • Make your wedding day the most memorable day for you and your guests!
Wedding Planning

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