Call Center CRM

With the Call Center CRM Launcher, get absolute control over your inside sales and cold calling sales pipeline, easily manage who to follow up with and when. Centralize your customer database, track customer interactions to ensure that your teams are well organized and follow transparent processes. The Call Center CRM Launcher helps you keep easy and quick track of follow-ups using task reminders and follow-up dates.

Furthermore, it helps you have complete and uninterrupted owner-based visibility access to the contacts so that all business operations are seamless and no leads slip through cracks. Dynamic reporting and customizable dashboards give a 360-degree view of filtered out data including (but not limited to) agent performance, lead generations, and most importantly the effectiveness and ROI of current lead-gen processes and engagement.

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Key Use Cases

  • Centralize your Customer Database
  • Have owner-based visibility access to the contacts
  • Keep track of the sources you receive the contacts from
  • Keep track of follow ups using follow up dates, task reminders
  • Use reports and dashboards to quickly look at your performance and filtered out data
  • Get your entire team of telecallers (in-house as well as freelancers) on a single software
  • Integration with cloud telephone (available only on Premium plan)

Key Benefits

  • Never miss out on any Contacts or follow ups
  • Track usefulness of sources and invest in the most effective cold-calling databases
  • Get the most out of your inside sales teams
Call Center CRM

Change your sales process
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