Sales and Distribution CRM

Orgzit’s Sales and Distribution CRM Launcher would put your team on a path of operational transformation by providing a complete sales force automation platform for managing marketing, sales, and distribution of goods.

Plan your sales with clear targets and achieve the highest ROI for your sales & distribution partners. Say no to stressful daily planning and sales team meetings. Easily plan and track sales team activities and enable them to do more every day. The sales and distribution CRM will empower the sales team to take new orders and effectively track orders & inventory statuses, even while they are on the move.

This simple to use sales and distribution CRM software would empower your entire team to work together as a cohesive unit and take accurate and timely decisions to manage and achieve your primary and secondary business goals. Generate reports and maintain customizable dashboards for each of your workflows and team members to track their performance and deliver to their best capabilities.

Key Use Cases

  • Bring your sales team and distributors on a single platform
  • Plan and manage beat plans and secondary sales at ease
  • Track primary and secondary sales from a single screen
  • Reduce communication gaps across all levels and avoid delays and mistakes in serving your customers
  • Track performance of each sales person and distributor
  • Simplify Order Management, take orders on the go!
  • Educate distributors and retailers with digital catalogs and maintain transparent and uniform pricing
  • Powerful performance reports & dashboards to take timely, and well informed business decisions

Key Benefits

  • Streamline your sales team to increase your revenue and profits
  • Make accurate and timely decisions backed by powerful insights
  • Increase sales force productivity, coverage and revenues per outlet
  • Reduce inventory costs with streamlined order management
  • Extract maximum benefits from your distribution network by making it nimble and responsive to changes in the market conditions.
Sales and Distribution CRM

Change your sales process
from chaos to a streamlined system