Recruitment Agency Operations

Orgzit's Launcher for Recruitment Agency Operations offers an affordable solution that will get you operating at optimum efficiency so that you can help your customers increase placements and business growth. It helps you bring customers and their respective recruitment teams on a common avenue. This Recruitment Agency Operations Launcher can be used to accept direct applications from potential candidates from your website using web forms. This helps you save your valuable time, energy, efforts, and resources that can instead focus on the critical operations of the business.

The Launcher centralizes your candidate database and even helps you quickly filter, search, identify, and map job opportunities to potential candidates. Using powerful email integration functionalities, you can even receive and attach documents and emails from candidates and clients. It can even assist you with hassle-free and quick storage of candidate interviews and post-interview details.

List of Apps in this launcher

  • Clients
  • Client Team
  • Standard Contracts
  • Candidates
  • Job Openings
  • Interviews
  • Candidate to Job Openings

Key Use Cases

  • Bring clients and their recruitment teams on a common platform
  • Track all job openings, from all clients, from a single window
  • Centralize your Candidate Database
  • Quickly filter, search and map job openings to candidates
  • Store candidate interviews and post-interview details
  • Accept candidate applications directly from your website using webforms
  • Receive and attach emails and documents from clients and candidates using powerful email integration.
  • Build relationships with candidates and track their progress over multiple jobs and their professional careers

Key Benefits

  • Provide the most suitable candidates from your centralized database with ease using multi-column filtering
  • Never lose any opportunity by managing all your processes at a single place
  • Empower your agents to close more positions in record time.
  • Provide high quality services with reduced total time and effort
Recruitment Agency Operations

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