Real Estate CRM

Real Estate CRM Launcher for Large Teams is gradually changing the way real estate businesses function by efficiently capturing property inquiries from all your online & offline sources and getting more deals closed every single day. From receiving leads to managing customer requests, and agent tracking to regional performance - manage all with this Real Estate CRM Launcher for large teams.

By blending new-age technologies, with expertise-driven thought processes, this launcher enables teams to quickly accelerate the management of your leads and property deals by centralizing all pertinent information in a single workspace. Adopt this sales and mobile real-estate agency CRM to gain a competitive advantage.

List of Apps in this launcher

  • Billing Entity
  • City Area
  • Associate
  • Contacts
  • Properties
  • Leads
  • Interactions
  • Transactions
  • Payments

Key Use Cases

  • Manage clients and properties from one place
  • Create tasks for important checklist items such as scheduling calls or sending documents that were discussed.
  • Automatically notify agents when a new lead is assigned to them
  • Manage collaboration with associates to simplify deal sharing
  • Track and manage all interactions & transactions related to each property
  • Attach files, discuss and manage activities related to each application
  • Automated emails and SMS based on automated rules
  • Track agent performance and revenue growth

Key Benefits

  • Reduce lead leakage and close more deals every single day
  • Never miss out on inquiries and make your business stand out with extraordinary service
  • Simplify day-to-day operations management
  • Get your entire sales team & associates on a single platform
Real Estate CRM

Change your sales process
from chaos to a streamlined system