Project Management with Invoicing

Complete project management solution for teams from all industries. Orgzit’s easy-to-use Project Management with Invoicing Launcher brings your teams together on a single platform while giving you a complete visibility into all aspects of your projects. With this Launcher, you get greater control to manage your projects and create beautiful, professional invoices in .pdf format, ready to be shared with your customers.

As part of the project management and invoicing, this solution will help you maintain a centralized database for all documents and project related information in one place. Key features such as project discussions, tasks tracking, file sharing, and real-time collaboration help you and your team keep all your project processes transparent. While keeping all team members on the same page, Orgzit’s Project Management with Invoicing Launcher makes sure your team does not miss deadlines or overshoot allocated budgets by spending time on mundane and unproductive tasks such as invoicing, payment follow-ups and general project reporting.

Key Use Cases

  • Manage multiple projects from a single screen
  • Plan all your projects with great ease
  • Track project deliverables & sub-tasks
  • Track performance of each team member
  • Store and share all project relevant files
  • Visual reports of all key elements of your projects across all clients
  • Track change history to see who did what, when and to what extent.
  • Automation of repeated tasks and processes
  • Seamless collaboration with real-time discussions & file sharing
  • Raise invoices and track payments for all your projects from all your clients

Key Benefits

  • Complete projects with better quality and speed, get paid more and on-time.
  • Manage all types of projects from multiple clients from one window
  • Never miss deadlines or go over budget
  • Save time and make fewer mistakes, & deliver exceptional quality work
Project Management with Invoicing

Change your sales process
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