Project Management

Project management means different things to different people. However, one thing is common to all - nothing slows a project down like endless meetings and complex reporting structures. Keeping track of deadlines, tracking deliverables and tasks for all projects can get tricky even for small companies managing only a few projects at a time.

With Orgzit’s Project Management Launcher you can manage any type of projects by having a centralized database maintaining all the key elements of your projects at one place, all documents, and all related information. Key features such as project workspaces, tasks tracking, file sharing, and real-time collaboration help you and your team keep all your project management processes transparent. While keeping all team members on the same page, Orgzit’s Project Management Launcher makes sure your team does not miss deadlines or overshoot allocated budgets.

With Orgzit you can also create reusable custom project templates for all the different types of projects that you work on. This will help you easily kick-start new projects with a fixed set of tasks that can be replicated with just a click of a button. Automated workflows, seamless discussions with push notifications will ensure a good balance between automation & real-time collaboration.

With this Project Management Launcher create workflow automation so that you can find more time for activities that actually need your attention. Move your business forward while managing your projects in a smarter and more efficient way!

Key Use Cases

  • Manage multiple projects from a single screen
  • Track project progress & associated tasks
  • Track performance of each team member
  • Visual reports of all key elements of your projects across all clients
  • Automation of repeated tasks
  • Seamless collaboration with real-time discussions & file sharing

Key Benefits

  • Manage all types of projects from multiple clients from one window
  • Never miss deadlines or go over budget
  • Save time and make fewer mistakes, & deliver exceptional quality work
Project Management

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