Net Worth Tracker

The Net Worth Tracker Launcher from Orgzit is your personal finance tracker and an assistant in more than just a way! It helps you centralize information about all your personal assets and financial liabilities (debts) with their values to simplify financial management for you.

Use it to keep the values of your assets up to date so that you can run audits, as and when required. You can even make use of reports to see a summary of assets to accurately track the existing debt and asset amounts.

Launch yourself toward complete financial independence!

List of Apps in this launcher

  • Asset Types
  • Assets
  • Asset Audits
  • Asset Values

Key Use Cases

  • Centralize all your personal assets and debts with their values
  • Keep your asset values up to date, hence run audits whenever desired

Key Benefits

  • Have an asset values tracker to know the net worth at any point of time
  • Reports to see Asset’s Summary, hence track the present Debt and asset amounts
Net Worth Tracker

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