Lead Management, Project Management & Invoicing

Successfully closing a deal can be exciting, but that’s where the real journey begins. In most cases, a new project brings in an exhaustive list of follow-up tasks. Designing, production, quality checks, delivery, client approvals & testing, and invoicing just being few of them.

Orgzit's Lead Management, Project Management & Invoicing Launcher helps you improve your entire customer journey, right from the point when they are a lead, to when they come on board and are ready to be invoiced. This multi-purpose Launcher can be used to track project progress, associated tasks, and performance of each team member. The Launcher facilitates region-specific lead categorization so that you can easily identify the most profitable and non-profitable lead generators.

The Launcher also comes with an integrated invoicing software solution that can be also used to instantly raise professional invoices in PDF format and also track customer payments. The seamless collaboration, facilitated by this Launcher from Orgzit, helps you with file sharing and real-time discussions.

Orgzit's Lead Management + Project Management + Invoicing Launcher helps you manage different projects from multiple clients from a single window while saving more time and delivering exceptional quality work.

Key Use Cases

  • Centralize your customer data
  • Capture, convert and manage all your leads
  • Region-specific lead categorization
  • Track project progress & associated tasks
  • Track performance of each team member
  • Visual reports of all key elements of your projects across all clients
  • Automation of repeated tasks
  • Raise branded invoices in .pdf format, build custom invoices with your company’s branding
  • Track payments received from customers
  • Integrate with digital payment gateways (available on Premium & above plans)
  • Send an invoice via email with an online payment link. (available only on premium plans)
  • Seamless collaboration with real-time discussions & file sharing

Key Benefits

  • Never miss a business opportunity
  • Get more visibility into your sales process
  • Get your entire sales team on a single platform
  • Manage all projects from multiple clients from one window
  • Never miss deadlines or go over budget
  • Save time and make fewer mistakes, & deliver exceptional quality work
  • Reduce errors & raise professional looking invoices
  • Track outstanding invoices
  • Timely reminders, avoid delayed payments
  • Automated / Digital payment collection
Lead Management, Project Management and Invoicing

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