Issues Tracker

Looking for a better way to deal with software development issues?

Software development requires careful planning and collaboration among the various team members - namely product managers, designers, developers, testers and customer success agents. A centralized window to manage your software development issues greatly reduces slippages and ensure minimum collaboration and rework. For example, when not discovered and busted in time, bugs can wreak havoc on the entire program, and eventually cause the product to crash. With features like instant notifications and informative reports, the Issues Tracker app lets testers submit bugs as they see them, tail them, and eventually bust them.

Orgzit Issue Tracker Launcher is a simple, fast, and scalable issues tracking application that helps software teams manage development issues and bugs easily and deliver great products on time and within budget. With this Launcher your team can organize all issues and classify them by type, module, description, priority, owner, status, target release and stay on same page, always.

Build faster, solve smartly, save time!

List of Apps in this launcher

  • Modules
  • Releases
  • Issues

Key Use Cases

  • Track and report software development issues and bugs
  • Tag and manage all types of issues (new features, product enhancements, bugs, frontend, backend, Android, iOS etc)
  • Define custom workflows for automated notifications & assignment of issues to respective team members
  • Organize & manage files
  • Track team performance & productivity
  • Stay updated in real-time with automated workflows & push notifications
  • Document bug history to prevent recurring issues
  • Actionable reports & personalized dashboards

Key Benefits

  • Easily plan software releases & track all issues
  • Simple cloud based tool for tracking all types of development issues and bugs
  • Short learning curve and complete centralization of tracking software development progress
  • Automate tedious & repetitive tasks
  • Report & track bugs from anywhere, anytime
  • Customizable based on your processes & teams’ needs
Issues Tracker

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