Invoicing with Products and Services Catalog

This invoicing launcher is most suited for organizations which provide both goods and services to their customers. This launcher is best suited for business such as car servicing, computer repair services, grocery delivering services etc.

List of Apps in this launcher

  • Financial Year
  • Billing Entity
  • Goods & Services
  • Customers
  • Invoices
  • Invoice Items
  • Payments Received

Key Use Cases

  • Raise branded invoices in .pdf format Build custom invoices with your company’s branding
  • Simplify & Automate tax calculation & tax reports
  • Generate Invoices by just selecting items from your products and services list
  • Send invoice and follow up reminders via email and SMS
  • Track payments received from customers
  • Integrate with digital payment gateways (available on Premium & above plans)
  • Send an invoice via email with an online payment link. (available only on premium plans)

Key Benefits

  • Reduce errors & raise professional looking invoices
  • Reduce time by selecting pre-entered products or services
  • Track outstanding invoices
  • Timely reminders, avoid delayed payments
  • Automated / Digital payment collection
Invoicing with Products and Services Catalog

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