Inside Sales for BPOs

Cloud-based business process and outbound call management system build specially for BPOs. Using this Launcher teams can centrally manage customer information to offer customized and superior delivery services to end clients.

Easily track and manage multiple campaigns for multiple clients from a single screen with compromising data security. With centralized data in a single flexible business process management software, you will be able to easily manage and optimize frequently changing client requirements and business processes. This Inside Sales Launcher for BPOs provides a perfect solution to automate communication to end customers through emails & SMS using pre-built and highly configurable templates.

For any BPO to be profitable one of the key activities is to be able to track and maximize agent productivity with detailed reports & dashboards. This launcher comes with a suite of pre-configured reports and also allows users to create custom reports for analyzing agents’ performance on calls through call recording.

By aggregating calling data for the campaigns in Orgzit, you will be able to plan & optimize staffing needs based on real-time analytics and management dashboards. Further based on actual performance data you will be able to set & track revenue targets for you BPO & save hours doing sales performance reviews each week / month.

Get started now with this ready to use Inside Sales Launcher and take the first steps in making your BPO operations more profitable.

Inside Sales for BPOs

Change your sales process
from chaos to a streamlined system