Dealer Network Management

Orgzit’s ready-to-use Dealer Network Management Launcher allows you to get your entire dealer/distributor network organized on a single platform enabling them to do more business and delivering more timely and improved services to your end customers. With this Dealer Network Management Launcher, businesses can actively track and manage dealer activities, performance to get real-time insights into the status of all leads, orders or service requests right from one screen.

With this Launcher, businesses control and optimize product inventory, enable dealers and salespeople to see product inventory before committing on the delivery schedule.

With powerful features in this dealer network management software such as maintaining product catalogs, complaints filing, tasks tracking, and access control, the Launcher is highly configurable and has just all the right features to make it a perfectly tailored dealer management solution for your team.

Key Use Cases

  • Maintain your Product Catalogue at a place for dealers and sales team to access
  • Provide dealers with a portal to file in their leads and orders to the company
  • Have dealers file in complaints related to orders
  • Track Tasks for in-house sales and services teams
  • Dealer based access control on leads and orders

Key Benefits

  • Never miss out on any leads or orders from your dealers
  • Increase your team’s productivity by tracking your orders at a single place
  • Keep dealers happy by tracking complaints and work on reducing customer grievances
  • Get reminders on tasks and collaborate with the team using comments
  • Enable your dealers to provide better and timely services to your customers which will help you to accomplish higher customer retention and brand loyalty
Dealer Network Management

Change your sales process
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