Daily Task Management for Large Organizations

With Orgzit’s Daily Task Management for Large Organizations Launcher, bring your entire team on a cloud powered application. Assign tasks to your team members, prioritize and schedule the tasks, and track time spent on the tasks.

As a project manager, the setup of this easy-to-use Launcher helps you stay on schedule and never miss out on any task. Designed to improve team collaboration and work management, this launcher helps teams manage projects of all sizes & complexities and tasks from single window.

With powerful features such as team tasks, assigning & reassigning, specifying deadlines, and collaborating in real-time (over tasks), the Launcher is a perfect product for large teams to manage day-to-day tasks more efficiently and effectively.

Key Use Cases

  • Track all types of tasks
  • Assign Tasks to different Users
  • Always stay in sync with the tasks and their progress
  • Track the amount of days spent on tasks
  • Prioritize tasks and set due dates

Key Benefits

  • Never miss out on any tasks
  • Prioritize and organize your and your team’s tasks
  • Get reminders on Tasks and collaborate with the team using Comments
Daily Task Management For Large Organizations

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