Customer Service Portal (with client access)

If you are in any sort of B2B industry, you are certain to have a way to manage your customer support function. For even small B2B companies, it can quickly get overwhelming to track all the customer support requests and tickets and enable your customer success team to provide exceptional service.

You are probably still stuck with archaic ways to manage customer support requests and it is very likely that you find the B2C customer portals an overkill and complicated for your team.

This Customer Service Portal Launcher from Orgzit provides your customers and your team a simple and easy way to manage requests and tickets. This solution will bring your customers and team on a single platform where your customers would be able to raise support tickets and your team would be able to get automated notifications and solves tickets based on priority.

The system is smart to intelligently assign customer tickets, track team performance and send automated email and SMS updates to customers and your team.

This Orgzit Launcher can be perfect for specialist B2B companies such as enterprise software, high-end professional services and more.

Say goodbye to customer support management hassles that typically arise when managing support through emails and phone calls.

Key Use Cases

  • Provide your B2B customers a single screen to report and track requests and tickets
  • Enable your customer success team to track customer support tickets and
  • AutomAssign tickets to members of your customer support teams
  • Automated email and SMS notifications to customers
  • View ticket in visual Kanban board by severity or status
  • Discuss in real-time ticket with team members or the customers and create sub-tasks for internal team
  • Generate reports and track team performance

Key Benefits

  • Having a single portal for the customers and the internal teams for delighting your customers
  • Centralizing client support management at one place
  • Provide timely support and better customer service
  • Track time and effort for every support request
  • Provide timely ticket resolution and never miss any high priority tickets
  • Save time with automation and standardization
Customer Service Portal (with client access)

Change your sales process
from chaos to a streamlined system