Coworking Operations Management

The Co-working Operations Management Launcher can help you manage your operations like never before. The Launcher provides you a single platform to centralize and manage details of all prospects (leads), centers, meeting rooms, billing and plans, accounts, payments, occupancy mappings and much more.

The Launcher has been built exactly the way a coworking business owner thinks and functions. Coworking businesses can enhance their communication and collaboration through real-time, robust features and functionalities.

List of Apps in this launcher

  • Centers
  • Plans
  • Billing Entity
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Accounts
  • Account Members
  • Occupancy Mappings
  • Seat Allocations
  • Meeting Room Bookings
  • Notice Board
  • Invoices
  • Invoice Items
  • Payments Received
  • Tickets

Key Use Cases

  • Keep track of all your centers at a single place
  • Raise branded invoices in .pdf format, build custom invoices with your company’s branding
  • Simplify & Automate tax calculation & tax reports
  • Centralize all your Plans and Accounts data
  • Map the Account users to their seats and plans
  • Keep track of meeting rooms and their bookings
  • Maintain a company-wide Notice board
  • Keep track of customer tickets and work on them accordingly

Key Benefits

  • Reduce errors & raise professional looking invoices
  • Track outstanding invoices
  • Never lose out on any bookings or customer tickets
  • Never lose out on your customer accounts by managing their plans, occupancy and tickets effectively
Coworking Operations Management

Change your sales process
from chaos to a streamlined system