Asset Management

Apart from managing operations related to your business you also need to manage the data of your company’s valuables such as tables, chairs, laptops, all electronics, property, land basically whatever your company owns and that is Asset Management.

Managing their data doesn’t only mean to just organize them in a sheet, it’s much more beyond that. This Asset Management Pack has functions like keeping track of warranty, guarantee, ACMS etc., tracking which expense is used by whom.

It also lets you manage all these functions in a single centralized platform so that you can quickly get to know which items are required to be supplied more which are not and which are needed to be disposed off and many more.

List of Apps in this launcher

  • Assets List
  • Utilization
  • Maintenance Contracts
  • Repair and Maintenance

Key Use Cases

  • Manage your Company’s Assets
  • Track who is the asset assigned to or being used by
  • Track all the repairs and maintenance of the Assets
  • Generate Asset barcodes and get them scanned via our Mobile app (available on Premium & above plans)
  • Store the maintenance contracts of your assets

Key Benefits

  • Track all your assets ranging from a computer mouse to a machine installed at the site
  • Keep track of all the cost incurred on a particular asset throughout its life
Asset Management

Change your sales process
from chaos to a streamlined system