Applicant Tracking System

Recruiting is one of the hardest and most important things any business manager has to do. Managing the recruitment workflow including job-openings, tracking applications and interview feedback without an applicant tracking system can be really hard and time-consuming.

This applicant tracking system Launcher is a simple yet effective way to manage your entire recruitment process, whether you are a small startup with only a few openings at any time or a large team with a dedicated HR department with hundreds of job openings across multiple departments.

This applicant tracking system is very simple, and flexible, unlike standard standalone recruitment solutions or other ATS software. With this Launchers you would be able to track job opening, manage candidate database and interview feedback all from a single location.

If you want to build a more personalized and specific solution for your recruitment needs, you can start with this Launcher and easily configure it to build an applicant tracking system to your unique specifications in no time!

Start using this simple applicant tracking system for your team today, so that you and your team can finally get back on the same page.

List of Apps in this launcher

  • Job Openings
  • Candidates
  • Interviews
  • Standard Documents

Key Use Cases

  • Centralize your candidate database
  • Maintain job openings and standard contracts
  • Get information like Today’s interviews on a button click
  • Send automated Emails and SMSes to candidates on certain stages

Key Benefits

  • Reduce efforts on Recruitment processes and fussing about Interview schedules
  • Automated SMS/Email notifications to Candidates
  • Timely reminder, avoid missed Interviews
  • Get more visibility into your Recruitment processes
Applicant Tracking System

Change your sales process
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