Here’s How Orgzit Works

Orgzit is not your average task management tool. Its exceptional organization, collaboration and analysis features make it one-of-a-kind super tool to automate your business processes and help you play a smarter and more productive business game.

You Have a Partner In Us

We love when our customers succeed with Orgzit. We act as an extension to your team and help better organize information to make your lives simpler, streamlined & more productive.

Hop on the Orgzit Tour

Orgzit Team

Your team is a group of people who work together to get things done. You can white label mobile apps for your business too.

Orgzit Project

Your project contains apps and brings team members together on a single platform. Add team members and external members such as clients, vendors and freelancers in a project.

Orgzit App

Apps are specially crafted lists that keep all your data organized and lets you play around with data to get exciting insights into your work.

Orgzit Record

Records contain the actual data that runs your business day after day. A record could be a task, a sales lead, a physical asset that you own or anything you choose.

Collaboration Toolkit


Interact with your team and clients in this section. No need to install any other chat platforms to get your team together. Whether the discussion is about the Office coffee machine or the last project you discussed, start chit-chatting right away.


Assign tasks to your fellow team members and keep track of the tasks assigned to you in the ‘My Tasks’ section so that everyone is aware of what to do at all times, whether at work or at site.


Share all documents i.e. docs, images, etc. and make a central repository of all documents shared with team and clients.


Maintain a solid account of the changes made in the records with 3Ws – Who, What, and When and generate a dedicated audit trail.

Create Simple & Custom Filters

Having things scattered all over your workplace can be messy – client emails lost in inboxes, post-its with team reminders hanging from your desk board. Few people like to use the “Find” shortcut more than once. Create custom filters in Orgzit to quickly sift through the data.

Realtime Insights

Generate Powerful & Actionable Reports

Instead of scrolling through spreadsheets infinitely, create custom filters and generate reports to draw more useful insights from your company data quickly.


Collect Feedback With Information Rich Webforms

Collecting & organizing customer feedback by importing data manually from Google forms and inputting it into your system can be a laborious task. So Orgzit decided to integrate a form builder right into your CRM system. How cool is that?

Your customers can directly input data into the form and it will get automatically captured into Orgzit. And Organized too! You can share the link with anyone, anytime and let the Webform start organizing the data for you.


And Anything Else You Want

Looks like you are good to go with Orgzit.

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