Real Estate Pioneer on a Mission

Cubedots is a leading prop-tech company on a mission to revolutionize real estate marketing and sales. Cubedots has created an innovative interactive experience that helps property agents and buyers visualize the property in 3D. With this unique technology, Cubedots delivers a frictionless process for property developers to market new projects to property agents and buyers.

In addition to the 3D experience technology, Cubedots is an industry pioneer offering software solutions to property agents through its dedicated agent portal. Cubedots partners with large property developers to market new residential real estate projects in multiple countries, including Turkey, the UK, the UAE, and India. With expert real estate agents as partners they are redefining sales standards and elevating the real estate buying experiences for property buyers and agents.

  • Website
  • Industry Real Estate
  • Company size 51-200 employees
  • Established 2016
  • Headquarters Istanbul, Şişli

  • Specialties

    • Real estate
    • Sales
    • Real estate technology
About Cubedots

Sales Growth Challenges

Given the unique buying process in the real estate industry, Cubedots focused its go-to-market efforts on building relationships with property agents. Their strategy is a B2B2C model. Cubedots markets projects to end buyers through property agents.

Multiple projects can exist within a given geographical location (a city), with a separate sales team for each project. This posed unique challenges to Cubedots in tracking the sales activities. Multiple sales teams can simultaneously pitch their project to the agent, so they need to track multiple salespersons and sales managers for each agent – this is required right from the nurturing stage.

However, there was a disconnect in their Zoho CRM system, which restricted the number of salespeople who could be tagged to an agent at a time.

The CRM limitation became a business bottleneck, preventing Cubedots from expanding the number of developer projects they could sell at a time. This limitation could not be addressed despite multiple requests to the Zoho channel partners. This was a dire situation for Cubedots, as their growth prospects were at stake.

There were additional challenges due to the lack of business-specific automation. For instance, when a conversation with an agent about a project became inactive, the sales reps had to manually release the agent from the project – this was a painstaking and time-consuming task. Since it was time consuming, this step often got missed or delayed in their previous CRM, resulting in clutter on the dashboard of sales reps, confusion, and wasted time. Cubedots needed to automate the release of inactive agents from projects, which was not feasible in their Zoho CRM system.

We could not use Zoho CRM as our sales system as we wanted to. It was a bottleneck in our growth.
Yaseen Ali
Yaseen Ali
IT Manager, Cubedots

Sales Software Transformation

Cubedots needed a CRM solution that could adapt to its unique way of doing business. Furthermore, since Cubedots is a fast–growing business, its needs frequently evolve, so the CRM had to be capable of evolving as the business expanded and its needs evolved.

Orgzit's flexible CRM architecture offered the perfect solution for Cubedots with a customized solution built for Cubedots. Cubedots chose Orgzit as their CRM software partner.

With Orgzit, Cubedots created a streamlined sales workflow and system with checks at each pipeline stage. Orgzit empowered Cubedots to track every step of their sales workflow, such as the following:

  • Cubedots partnership team qualifies real estate agents and signs them up on their agent portal.
  • The relationship team nurtures the agents. If the agent is interested, they create an appointment and set them up with field sales agents.
  • The project sales team meets the real estate agent. If the agent shows interest, the sales team creates an opportunity and manages all opportunities. They show projects to the opportunity and negotiate the deals.
  • If the conversation does not convert to the next step within 30 days, the conversation is automatically closed and removed from the dashboard of sales reps

Sales Growth Unlocked

Orgzit helped unlock growth for Cubedots by streamlining their sales tracking, boosting the productivity of sales reps, and improving collaboration. Some key capabilities that helped achieve these results are:

  • Track end-to-end sales process, including calls, appointments, meetings, and opportunities, easily without spending endless hours
  • Automatically capture leads generated through Facebook ads
  • Track sales, compute sales commissions, and negotiate deals without errors
  • Improved analytics via integration with Microsoft Power BI dashboard
Orgzit has been instrumental in streamlining our end-to-end sales process. We have been able to boost the productivity of sales reps and collaboration among the different teams.

Umber Ali
Umber Ali
CRM Manager, Cubedots

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