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The Spans team was eager to digitize, but struggled to find a business management tool that could help them track, analyze, and manage the wide variety of engineering projects they were handling. With more than 350 active customers across diverse domestic and global geographies, their information management and internal communication processes were getting complicated and falling into disarray.

According to Subhash Verma, Technical Lead and Director of Spans Envirotech, “Some customers hire us for designing and executing entire plants, some engage us for maintenance contracts, while others enlist us for advisory services. Our shortest projects are wrapped up in a few weeks’ time; our longest can span months and even years”.

Need for streamlined workflows: Subhash was keen for the Spans team to begin using a project management tool to digitize processes and improve workflow management. But it was a struggle to find a solution that could handle the sheer variety of work that Spans was undertaking.

Manual, error-prone systems for data management:  Spans’ technicians work on-site at various locations, monitoring equipment, and recording data daily.

According to Jahanvi K., Process Engineer - “This data is crucial because it tells us when to step in for adjustments and repairs”. Earlier, the technicians were recording data in notebooks and sharing pictures of equipment and samples with the rest of the team via WhatsApp. Jahanvi reflects on the futility of this system. “We were wasting precious time assimilating the data at the head office. Even worse, we would end up making misinformed decisions because our data was so disorganized”.

Costly and time-consuming processes: Spans’ experts had to visit customers’ premises frequently, and the travel and stay expenses would just pile up without information getting recorded or organized in one place.

Reimagining growth with Orgzit: Achieving a multi-fold increase in collaboration and speed of decision making

As a technology partner to Spans, team Orgzit sat down with the customer to understand their work management related challenges. Every project had unique requirements. Here’s how Orgzit simplified their problems block-by-block:

Becoming more organized: When Orgzit came along, Spans was finally able to set up information and processes for each new project in a manner that was relevant. Considering every project had unique requirements, Orgzit customized systems so that each aspect was aptly addressed in a quick and easy manner.

Simplified and automated access to data: Now, Spans technicians enter data and images directly into their Orgzit mobile apps. At the head office, the team can access this information from a centralized dashboard in their browsers the moment it is logged in. Jahanvi couldn’t be happier with the new system, she says,

“All the information from multiple sites is recorded systematically, so it’s easy to understand the context and make decisions.”

Collaboration at its best, single window for all the tasks: Everyone at Spans has complete clarity about their tasks, and expectations are better aligned. Features like granular access levels have made things simpler. For instance, they can now pass on customers and vendors access to relevant projects in Orgzit. This way the customers and vendors are constantly apprised of the projects’ progress.

According to Jahanvi, “Even if the team chose to deny contractors access to a particular Orgzit project, communication is always completely painless. I don’t even need to open up a new browser window to shoot off an email. I can send it directly from Orgzit and view replies there as well”.

Discovering new growth opportunities: With Orgzit, information capturing and sharing is so streamlined that the team can make executive decisions sitting at their desks.

Subhash says “Because we incur minimum travel expenses, we are able to charge more competitive rates to our clients. In fact, thanks to Orgzit, we’ve been able to start an entirely new line of business, whereby we offer remote assistance to our clients at unbeatable rates”.

Additionally, the Spans team is able to respond to clients’ queries at a lightning-fast speed and also keep their investors happy.

Initially, Subhash and his team had set out to find a project management tool for Spans and even tried products such as Trello and Basecamp, he was simply looking to enforce better workflow management and increase his team’s productivity, but they had never imagined what all they could do with Orgzit as their work management system. From cultivating more collaborative relationships with customers and vendors, to helping their team stay more organized, to discovering a whole new line business, Spans Envirotech has seen how a simple solution can be worked out in many ways. Orgzit’s sophisticated features has empowered Spans Envirotech in more than one way to surround their business processes with the right tools to connect people.

Increased Productivity With One Solution For Many Workflows

Subhash reflects on his firm’s former way of working “I feel like we wasted so much time juggling multiple excel files and management tools. Ever since we’ve started using Orgzit, we are spending less time on ancillary tasks like data assimilation and administration and really focusing on providing superior services to our clients. As a result, we are building business like never before. I would recommend Orgzit to any engineering firm looking to increase efficiency and boost business in a simple and elegant way.”

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Christophe Bongars
Christophe Bongars
Partner and Investor
The data coming from Spans is so well-organized that it takes us no time at all to generate detailed and accurate reports. Our clients and investors are delighted.

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Since 1993, engineering firm Spans Envirotech has been providing a wide range of planning, design, and construction management services to meet the water and wastewater needs of municipalities, public agencies, private developers, and industrial firms.

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