B2B sales teams face numerous challenges when it comes to managing bids and maximizing their sales potential. The bid dashboard empowers sales professionals by offering a comprehensive overview of ongoing bids, allowing them to make informed decisions and take strategic actions to enhance their chances of winning. 

A bid dashboard enables sales teams to track and manage multiple bids simultaneously. With a centralized platform that consolidates bid data, teams can efficiently monitor the progress of each bid, identify bottlenecks, and take prompt action to address any challenges. 

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What is a Bidding process?

Starting from the basics, the bidding process selects a vendor for subcontracting a project or purchasing products and services required. Bid records contain the specifications of the project or details of the products and services to be purchased.

A typical bidding process consists of the following steps:

  1. Developing a bid outline by the project manager with product specifications and costs of the project
  2. The manager issues the bid
  3. The bid undergoes an approval process
  4. After approval, the bid is distributed to a group of subcontractors or vendors
  5. The vendor or subcontractors submit the cost of the project 
  6. The manager manages the bids responses and analyzes them
  7. The manager awards the bid to the vendor or subcontractor that meets the requirements
  8. A standard contract is then created by using bid details and bid responses
Steps of Manual Bid Dashboard

Challenges of the Manual Bidding Process

While managing bid records, selecting the best bids that meet the project requirements, and preparing a contract are essential tasks in the bidding process, it is equally crucial to follow up on the bids. This ensures timely communication and effective collaboration with subcontractors, vendors, and other stakeholders involved. Demonstrating competence and professionalism throughout the bidding process establishes a strong reputation and builds trust with your business partners. Effective bid process management is vital in enhancing your B2B relationships and can greatly contribute to your overall success in the bidding process.

The manual bidding process for B2B sales team can present several challenges, including:

  1. Time-Consuming: Manual bidding involves significant paperwork, manual data entry, and communication. 
  1. Human Error: The reliance on manual data entry increases the risk of human error. Mistakes in recording and transferring bid information can lead to inaccuracies, misunderstandings, and potential losses.
  1. Lack of Centralized Information: Maintaining a centralized bid information repository can be challenging with manual bidding. This makes accessing and tracking bid documents, communication records, and important details throughout the process difficult.
  1. Limited Visibility: Manual bidding processes may lack transparency and real-time visibility into the status of bids. This can make monitoring progress, identifying bottlenecks, and ensuring timely follow-up challenging.
  1. Inefficient Communication: Manual bidding often involves phone calls, emails, and physical documentation exchanges. This can result in communication gaps, miscommunications, and difficulties keeping all stakeholders informed and aligned.
  1. Difficulty in Bid Comparison: Manual bidding makes it laborious to compare bids side by side, especially when dealing with multiple vendors and complex pricing structures. This can hinder the effective evaluation and selection of the most competitive bids.
Challenges of Manual Bid Process

What Is a Bid Dashboard for B2B Sales Teams?

A bids dashboard is a powerful tool designed to provide B2B sales teams real-time insights, analytics, and centralized visibility into the bidding process. It is a dedicated platform that enables sales professionals to manage and monitor multiple bids simultaneously efficiently. 

With a bids dashboard, teams can comprehensively overview their ongoing bids, including key metrics, progress updates, and critical information for making informed decisions. 

The bid dashboard empowers sales teams by offering a centralized hub for bid-related activities, collaboration, and strategic planning. By incorporating a bids dashboard into their workflow, businesses can streamline their bidding process, optimize their strategies, and ultimately increase their success rate in winning bids. 

6 Essential Tasks Made Easy on a Bid Dashboard 

  1. Account a Win or a Loss by Salesperson
    • Help in Identifying reasons behind lost sales and missed opportunities through reports
    • Help you analyze sales strategies and the performance of individual salespersons.
    • Find information on areas of improvement to increase sales success.
  2. Insights into Profit Variance by Estimator
    • Understanding discrepancies in estimated versus actual profits.
    • Identifying factors contributing to profit fluctuations.
    • Improving estimating accuracy to maximize profitability.
  3.  Know Won Bids by Lead Source
    • Evaluate the effectiveness of different lead sources in generating successful bids.
    • Identify the most lucrative lead sources for future targeting.
    • Allocate resources towards the most productive lead generation channels.
  4. Complete Pending Bids
    • Manage a large number of ongoing bids and track their progress.
    • Ensure timely follow-ups and effective communication with potential clients.
    • Prioritize bids based on urgency and potential profitability.
  5. Find Bids that are Due
    • Find information on meeting deadlines for bid submissions.
    • Easily managing workload and resources to complete bids on time.
    • It can help you avoid penalties or loss of opportunities due to missed deadlines.
  6. Act on Expiring Bids
    • Help you monitor bids that are nearing their expiration date.
    • You can assess the likelihood of winning expiring bids and deciding on appropriate actions.
    • Prevent missed opportunities by taking timely action on expiring bids.
Benefits of Orgzit Bid Dashbaord

Top Benefits of Using a Bids Dashboard for B2B Sales

A bids dashboard is a comprehensive tool designed specifically for B2B sales teams to enhance the bidding process and increase their chances of winning sales bids. 

With a bid dashboard, sales professionals can gain enhanced visibility and tracking of sales bids, develop a more effective bidding strategy, streamline collaboration and communication, centralize bid management and documentation, and leverage data-driven insights and performance tracking. Let’s explore these benefits in detail.

Enhanced Visibility and Tracking of Sales Bids

A bids dashboard provides a centralized platform where sales teams can monitor and track the progress of their sales bids in real time. It offers a holistic view of all ongoing bids, displaying key metrics, timelines, and milestones. 

Sales professionals can easily access and update bid-related information, ensuring everyone is on the same page. With the bid dashboard, teams can identify bottlenecks, evaluate the status of each bid, and take proactive measures to drive progress and increase the chances of winning.

Improved Bidding Strategy

Utilizing a bids dashboard enables sales teams to develop and refine their bidding strategy based on data-driven insights. By analyzing past bid data, such as win rates and revenue projections, sales professionals can identify patterns, successful tactics, and areas for improvement. 

The bid dashboard is a repository of historical bid information, allowing teams to learn from previous experiences and adapt their strategies accordingly. With a well-informed bidding strategy, sales teams can allocate resources effectively, focus on high-potential bids, and optimize their approach for better outcomes.

Streamlined Collaboration and Communication

Effective collaboration and communication are vital for successful sales bids. A bids dashboard is a centralized platform where team members can collaborate, share information, and communicate updates seamlessly. 

Discussions, documents, and feedback can be easily exchanged within the bid dashboard, eliminating the need for scattered emails or manual tracking. This streamlined collaboration fosters better teamwork, improves response times, and ensures all stakeholders are aligned and informed throughout the bidding process.

Centralized Bid Management and Documentation

Managing multiple sales bids can be complex, particularly when dealing with various documents, versions, and stakeholders. A bids dashboard offers a centralized repository for bid management and documentation. 

Sales teams can store and organize all bid-related documents within the bid dashboard, including proposals, contracts, and specifications. This centralization simplifies document retrieval, minimizes the risk of misplaced or lost files, and ensures that the most up-to-date information is readily available. 

With a well-organized bid management system, teams can focus on strategic decision-making and execution rather than searching for relevant documents.

Data-Driven Insights and Performance Tracking

The bid dashboard provides valuable data-driven insights and performance-tracking capabilities. To evaluate their performance, sales teams can analyze key metrics, such as win rates, sales cycle duration, and revenue generated from won bids. 

These insights help identify trends, patterns, and areas for improvement in the bidding process. With the bid dashboard’s data-driven approach, sales teams can make informed decisions, refine their strategies, and align their efforts with best practices for increased success.

To Conclude

A bid dashboard, such as the one offered by Orgzit, is an invaluable tool for B2B sales teams looking to streamline their bidding process and increase their chances of closing deals. 

By leveraging the features and capabilities of Orgzit’s smart dashboard, sales professionals can enhance their bidding strategy, track their won bids, and make data-driven decisions for better outcomes.

Orgzit provides a comprehensive solution that empowers sales teams to optimize their bidding strategy using a smart dashboard. 

This tool allows teams to monitor key metrics, analyze past performance, and gain valuable insights to refine their approach. By identifying successful tactics and areas for improvement, sales professionals can make strategic adjustments to increase their win rates and drive business growth.

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