Over the last decade, there has been significant upheaval in the automobile industry, affecting every sector, including inventory management, sales, compliance, and finance. As a result of the use of dealer management software for sales, the process of purchasing a used car has changed.

Adoption of such software by auto dealerships is unavoidable in order to meet the expectations of modern clients who want a better buying experience. Dealerships can improve customer happiness and loyalty by using appropriate software, which encourages repeat business and positive word-of-mouth advertising. However, you must select the best program for your requirements. You can satisfy your individual needs by employing software like Orgzit. Let’s have a look at how Orgzit DMS can assist you in meeting your sales goals. Discover the difficulties that used vehicle dealers encounter and how DMS (Dealer Management Systems) can help them overcome them. Learn how it will increase revenue and provide a better customer experience.


  • The Dealer Management System (DMS) from Orgzit is a complete information technology system that streamlines and automates dealership operations, increasing consumer confidence and improving the purchasing process.
  • DMSs assist dealers in meeting sales targets, overcoming obstacles, and improving customer experiences. They can assist dealers in meeting their individual requirements, resulting in repeat business and great word-of-mouth advertising. Dealerships, on the other hand, frequently encounter obstacles such as inefficient operations, restricted exposure, and a lack of reporting capabilities.
  • An Orgzit DMS can address these difficulties by improving inefficiencies, increasing visibility, proactively controlling dealer projections, and generating auto-generated reports. This can lead to better operations, lower expenses, and more profits.

What is a Dealer Management System (DMS)?

A Dealer Management System (DMS) is a comprehensive information technology system that helps dealerships streamline and automate operations. It allows businesses to manage vehicle sales, parts, services, customer data, accounting, and other operations with a single piece of software.

DMSs offer a more systematic approach to data management, allowing dealerships to streamline operations and make faster and more informed decisions. As a result, as operations become more simple and effective, the organization’s profitability grows.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution for used-car dealers

The integrated CRM system at the used-car dealership tracks sales and marketing activities and provides for sales performance tracking. Other users in the system can assign and control tasks, and customer segmentation can be done using financial data or other relevant factors. Furthermore, the system is linked to the accounting department of the dealership, providing complete client history and financial data. Furthermore, the system’s interface with phone exchanges enables more efficient call operations, which can be easily analyzed for performance indicators.

Key challenges faced by dealers and retailers without an efficient DMS:

Vehicle dealerships face several challenges due to their inefficient processes, including manual data entry, limited exposure to dealer forecasts, and a lack of visibility of dealer network stock

Other significant challenges include:

  • Manual data entry is tedious, causing time and resource drain. 
  • Employees often respond to inquiries via phone or email, leading to delays and potential errors. 
  • Limited visibility also affects proactively managing dealer forecasts, customer warranty details, vehicle service history, and network stock. 
  • The absence of consolidated stock availability information, a combined service history, and a solution knowledge base can hinder decision-making and efficiency. 
  • Additionally, the lack of standard automotive industry reports can put a company at a competitive disadvantage, making it difficult to assess performance against industry norms and identify opportunities for improvement. 

These issues can lead to missed sales and poor customer experiences.

Orgzit DMS: Your helpmate for dealership management of used cars

  1. By Improving Inefficient Process

It avoids repetitive manual data entry.

One of the most significant challenges that automotive dealerships face is the inefficiency of their processes, which can lead to repetitive manual data entry. These processes include dealer orders, service requests, and return requests.

Repetitive manual data entry can be time-consuming, leading to lost productivity and a significant drain on resources.

Automate answers any queries via phone or email.

To make matters worse, employees often have to answer dealer queries via phone or email, which can lead to additional delays in processing requests. The manual process is prone to errors, creating confusion, misunderstandings, and customer dissatisfaction.

The time it takes to correct errors can be costly, further eroding the dealership’s bottom line.

Avoid errors and save time from manual entries.

The costs of manual data entry can also be compounded by the errors introduced into the system. These errors can result in incorrect inventory counts, inaccurate financial reporting, and other problems.

Fixing these errors can be time-consuming and expensive, requiring additional resources to be deployed to rectify the problem. Inefficient processes can ultimately lead to lost sales, customers, and revenue for the dealership.

  1.  Provides visibility

Helps in proactively managing dealer forecasts

Automotive dealerships need more visibility in several critical areas to manage their operations.

For example, dealerships may need help to proactively manage dealer forecasts, which can lead to a lack of inventory when demand is high or excess inventory when demand is low.

Gives customer warranty details

Another area where visibility can be limited is customer warranty details. Without access to this information, dealerships may struggle to provide their customers with the best possible service and support.

The vehicle service history is easily available.

Similarly, vehicle service history may not be easily available, making it challenging to provide customers with accurate information about their vehicles and their required services.

Visibility of dealer network stock

Many dealerships need more visibility into their dealer network stock, making managing inventory levels difficult and ensuring that vehicles are in the right place at the right time. These challenges can lead to lost sales.

  1. Auto-generated reports

Reports available with a combined stock

The absence of reporting capabilities in automotive dealership operations can significantly impede decision-making and efficiency.

For instance, there may be no combined stock availability information, making it challenging to determine the optimal use of existing inventory or to project future needs.

Data silos and incompatible systems can further worsen the situation in such cases.

Combined service history/solution knowledge base

Another problem is the need for a combined service history and knowledge base, which can lead to delays in resolving customer issues, especially when the technician is unfamiliar with the vehicle’s history or the solutions applied.

The absence of a centralized and up-to-date information system can result in an unsatisfactory experience for the customer and lost revenue for the dealership.

Standard automotive industry reports

(Standard reports and analysis report)

Furthermore, standardized automotive industry reporting may be required, making it harder to assess performance against industry norms, discover inefficiencies, and identify possibilities for improvement. The lack of comprehensive data and analytics can put a company at a considerable competitive disadvantage. As a result, it will be impossible to measure and report on business outcomes.

What sets Orgzit’s Dealer Management System apart?

  • Orgzit provides user-friendly and adaptable no-code software.
  • It is a platform-based solution that can be tailored and expanded to meet the requirements of both small and large businesses.
  • The key functionalities address all of the fundamental needs of dealers and distributors.
  • It works with the majority of public and private cloud infrastructure and deployment requirements. The solution is delivered as a cloud-based SaaS application.
  • The solution platform has a user interface that may be customized.
  • End-to-end process integration, forecast integration, stock availability sharing, warranty registration, claims integration, and more features are available.

Use the power of a strong DMS for your business with Orgzit!

Orgzit’s powerful DMS will revolutionize the way you do business. Our all-in-one, no-code CRM system is specifically intended for manufacturer representatives and distributors to streamline sales, quotations, service, and finance. Our DMS solution makes it easier to manage accounts, financing, and credit, as well as keep track of parts and inventory. Furthermore, our technology improves performance, sales, and margins and can help increase gross profits. Don’t let ineffective marketing or wasteful investment keep your company from attaining its full potential.

With Orgzit’s sophisticated DMS, you can take charge of your business and optimize your processes for success.

Schedule a call today to learn more about how Orgzit can help your business thrive.

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How can we reduce manual work for car sales?

The integrated CRM system provides a centralized customer information and financial data database for car sales and returns. Businesses can perform marketing and sales activities, analyze the outcomes, perform vehicle self-cost management, integrate cross-departmental activities, automate cost calculation, and reduce errors and manual work.
Users can include or exclude discounts for the entire vehicle or specific car options on printed documents.

How do you organize an international car sales business?

With Orgzit DMS, users can operate in different currencies concurrently. It means the system supports transactions and payments in multiple currencies, and the currency rates are applied to all transactions posted to the general ledger.
Additionally, the system offers individual localization for each country, ensuring a seamless experience for users across various regions.

How do you manage B2B relations in the automotive industry?

Orgzit DMS offers an integrated online solution that manages business-to-business relations through CRM software. The solution offers centralized web data management by directly linking the dealer management system to your web page.
It offers a range of full web functionality, such as showcasing car items, user registration and passwords, document and file management, price per customer, offers, ordering, and much more.
Furthermore, the ready-to-use and customized car sales DMS by Orgzit is designed to be responsive to different devices, including iPhones, iPads, and Android.