Orgzit project management can prove to be the best for you! how? you will learn that in this article.

Project management is the act of completing things! If you are building a house, a bridge, or a software program, you are essentially working on a project.

When it comes to the activities and processes a typical project will broadly have five Project Management Phases – initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work.

There are several project management methodologies that help project managers direct the project development in the correct direction. And achieve desirable results while successfully meeting the deadlines and abiding by the requirements.

Consequently, engineering companies are finding it increasingly difficult to strike the right balance between managing their expenses on business development and internal operations.

Many engineering companies are still dependent on using MS Excel sheets for organizing their information. No doubt Excel is easy to program and works great for calculation, data filtering.

And display data in a graphical format. But it falls short when one needs to run reports on the aggregated data.

Moreover, while working remote sites, engineers are unable to collaborate and share updates with the headquarters on the same Excel file in real-time.

They need to update data time and again in the same Excel sheet, which goes through multiple rounds of edit and ultimately leads to data duplication and reduced work efficiency.

This gap is filled up with Google spreadsheets with its exceptional multi-user collaborative features.

It allowed engineering companies to collaborate with their remote clients.

It allowed them to collaborate with them in real-time. And reduce multiple file creation and save on file storage.

But as the data grew, engineering companies realized that Google Spreadsheets couldn’t become their dedicated database. They needed a tool that enabled them to organize, collaborate, and analyze the same platform.

So what is the best project management tool for engineering companies?

Rajesh Jain, MD, Enhanced WAPP Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd explained that his team had a simple definition for the ‘best’ project management tool – easy to adopt and use.

“Instead of solving a pain point, multiple software have themselves become the pain.”

So what usually goes amiss?

  • Lack of a centralized platform to share data coming from multiple sources
  • Inability to communicate effectively within the team on a regular basis
  • Absence of a simple yet scalable solution that provides the best-in-class data analytics to take major project decisions.

5 Reasons Why Orgzit Is “Best” For Project Management

In Orgzit- Project management, the organization of data is the priority and it is always ready for analyzing.

With the help of Orgzit- project management, you can tackle the problems mentioned above easily. How?

By ensuring that all the data is in one place, each team member is accountable for his/her work.

1.Organize Your Business Around Orgzit

The majority of engineering companies have a set of business processes to handle their incoming projects. But no two companies’ business processes are exactly similar. Ask yourself this – Why most mergers take longer than planned?

It might be because an employee in Company A provides weekly project updates rather than bi-weekly in Company B it is merging with. Or Company B uses Skype business for internal communication whereas Company A is more comfortable with Slack.

Suffice to say, business processes set up by a company are unique to itself. Two companies might have “exact” similar business goals but no two companies have the “exact” similar roadmaps to achieve it.

kanban view to track task and project status

Orgzit allows you to set up your business processes just the way you like. Let’s take an example. So, If you want to do a monthly check of the working condition of your on-site deployed machines, you can quickly customize a dashboard widget. Orgzit’s easily customizable widgets (aka reports) are a scalable alternative to time-consuming data crunching and analysis.

Just like this, whether you have to design and execute large infrastructure projects, follow up on maintenance contracts, or even give advisory services, you can customize Orgzit to fit your business processes.

Orgzitidea – You don’t need to fit your project in a set project management template. You can tailor Orgzit to set your project management template.

2. Add External Collaborators For Quick Project Updates

If you are collaborating with multiple external parties, you will definitely need to keep some data private in order to avoid an unwanted data security breach. After all, data security is a hot topic for engineering firms whose business backbone is basically an impenetrable data silo and a robust CRM to support it.

Orgzit has multiple user access levels that allow you to control the information that you are sharing with your 3rd party project collaborators and even your team. This gives you control over your data and simultaneously the freedom to collaborate with your external team members while being in control of the information exchange.

Orgzitidea – Use “@everyone” in the comments section so that all project users get notified by an email when something important needs to be brought upon everyone’s notice.

3. Be in Touch With Your Remote Team At All Times

If your engineers & technicians are working at various locations, monitoring equipment, and recording data daily, you know keeping track of them can get hectic and consume a lot of time. So how do you go about it?

With Orgzit, you can be in touch with your remote team at all times. For example, your team can enter new records for data collated on each day in the field/on-site and share it through Orgzit mobile apps for Android and iOS . You can even collaborate on that data and assign tasks for the next day.

orgzit mobile screenshot

Orgzitidea – You can check the task statuses in multiple ways –

  • Click on ‘My Tasks’ on your dashboard which shows all the tasks assigned to you.
  • Then Click on ‘Project Tasks’ to check who is assigned what task in that particular project.
  • Click on “App tasks” to check all the tasks assigned in that app.

4.Generate Quick Reports And Start A Productive Day

Most engineering companies have engineers/technicians who are required to visit client’s premises or project sites frequently to record data, draw insights from it, and (not to forget) triggering another bill to be reimbursed by the company!). This usually means a lot of paperwork and a lot more time investment. With Orgzit reports customized and generated on the go, you can quickly track the project status from your office premises, saving the additional office expense (with a pat from your boss) and most importantly, saving your time.

customizable dashboards and reports

Orgzitidea – You can have a personalized customized dashboard for each team member, which in turn becomes a constant and real-time feedback mechanism.

5.Collect Client Feedback And Stay Updated (Always)

The one thing that engineering companies often overlook is client feedback which is often conveyed through word of mouth among the top hierarchy and skips the mention of the long chain of people who worked that project to success.

This is what Visweswara has to say about change order requests after collecting client feedback –

‘Our team is terrified of the term “Change Order”. Adhering to the scope of the project once the request has been made becomes messy and requires another thread of lengthy email exchanges regarding the amendments to be made to the project contract. It is not unusual but takes up a lot of our working time’

orgzit filter data to track changes

In Orgzit, you can create a web form and send it to your client on a weekly basis to collect feedback for the previous week and gather suggestions on the changes you want for the coming week.

No need to search for information in the lengthy email threads anymore!

Orgzitidea – Since the data gets directly accumulated in Orgzit apps, all the people associated with that project get regular feedback on the work being done.

Orgzit Secret Ingredient For Engineering Company Success – Flexibility to adapt to agile

Orgzit has an integration with Slack. You can have it too!

If you think your engineering company gets benefits from the several features that an agile project management platform like Orgzit presents itself with, allow us to give you a free demo and see the difference it makes.


You got the tool, you got the reasons why is it the best!

So, what are you waiting for?? Go and purchase the most suitable plan and start managing in a better way!

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