For schools, coaching classes, or activity centres looking to expand, the one thing that can really slow you down is poor internal processes. Read on to see how you can turn things around with information management tool Orgzit.

There is so much that goes into running successful schools, coaching classes, or activity centres. Having the right philosophy and a talented team are essential parts of the mix. But it is equally important to have sound organizational and information management systems in place. These systems form the backbone for any institute, and are crucial for operational efficiency and growth.

Just consider the sheer volume of information that schools and similar institutes need to stay on top of to keep things running smoothly; programme details, student and parent particulars, and employee data are just a few of the information areas that need to be maintained and managed.

Still, a lot of institutes opt to use basic spreadsheets and manual record-keeping for their information management needs. This sort of system works fine if there are a limited number of programmes to offer, few students, or a small team. But the minute the organization begins to grow, there is an information overload and things begin to spiral out of control:  

–> As an institute begins to expand, there is a steady rise in the amount of programme and student information that needs to be captured. In the absence of an effective information management system, there is little uniformity in the information that is recorded and data is captured by different team members in varying formats. This leads to overlaps and mistakes in records, and, subsequently, errors in enrollment and scheduling.

Managing information at schools and activity centres with Orgzit
For schools or activity centres looking to expand, the absence of a robust information management system can have disastrous consequences.

–> For play schools, coaching classes, or hobby centres, student enrollment figures are a key indicator of growth. But rudimentary information management systems only go so far when it comes to capturing inquiries and tracking follow-ups with interested parents or students. As a result, you end up losing out on business that’s coming your way.

What is truly required is a holistic solution that…

  • Allows you to capture ALL the information that you need to run your organization
  • Helps your staff work together by sharing information in a uniform manner in one place  
  • Is able to keep up with an expanding and evolving organization

Orgzit is a simple yet powerful tool that can dramatically change the way organizational processes are run at any kind of learning or activity centre. Not only does it help organizations track all their information, tasks, and processes, it also helps teams collaborate better. Moreover, transitioning to Orgzit is surprisingly easy – you can simply convert your existing spreadsheets into Orgzit apps.

Let’s take a look at how play schools, activity centres, coaching centres, or similar organizations can set themselves up in Orgzit:

Recommended Information Schema

One Team: In Orgzit, teams represent the divisions or branches of an organization. To keep things simple, you can create a single team to manage your entire organization’s work.

Four Workspaces: Orgzit workspaces help you track the various activities that each team of your organization is tasked with. For a kid’s activity centre, play school, or coaching classes, you can organize your work under the following heads, or projects:

– Student records: for enrolling students and storing their information

– CRM: for tracking all incoming inquiries

– Internal operations: for all tasks to do with managing employees and reimbursements

– Parents: for all communication with parents

Additionally, each project has several apps, or lists that help store, organize, and analyze project-relevant data.

Orgzit for schools - projects
How you can structure your school, day care centre, coaching classes, or activity centre in Orgzit

But this is just one of the many ways to set yourself up in Orgzit. The tool is completely customizable, and lets you organize your processes and information any way you like. You can also alter the set up at any point of time to accommodate the changing needs of your business.

Here’s how this sort of system can help your organization:

  1. Enroll More Students Than Ever Before

You probably receive inquiries about your programmes in several different ways, including walk-ins, phone calls, and email. Teams end up spending a lot of time aggregating inquiries, and inevitably some information slips through the cracks. Orgzit’s CRM project captures ALL leads, irrespective of the source, in one place.

You can also use Orgzit to set up a webform on your website, so that lead data is directly sent to your Orgzit CRM project. Inquiries received over email are also automatically captured in the same place. Just imagine the amount of time that is freed up to follow up on received leads!

  1. Simplify The Registration Process

All programme and batch information is stored in a centralized place and the entire team has access to it. When anyone on your staff needs to enroll a student, all they need to do is log in to the Orgzit web or mobile app and see which programmes are ongoing and what batches are available.

  1. Make More Informed Business Decisions

The Orgzit students project captures a lot of different types of information, such as about programmes and batches, parents’ contact details, and fee amounts. More significantly, it records parents’ and students’ feedback and interests in an analyzable way, giving you great insights for designing new programmes and modifying existing ones.

  1. Increase Employee Productivity 

You can use Orgzit to assign tasks to your teaching and administrative staff. Each time you put someone’s name against a task, they receive an email as well as a mobile push notification. This way, your employees are always aware of their task list, and you are always apprised of their workload and progress.

You can also use Orgzit to share comments, feedback, instructions, and documents for each task with your team on Orgzit. All internal communication is stored in one place, and no one has to spend time digging through their inboxes for task-related information.

  1. Your Team Will Love It

Your staff – both internal and external – can use Orgzit to file their reimbursements and invoices and upload supporting bills and documents. As the approving authority, you will be notified each time someone files an invoice and can access all related details in Orgzit itself. Approvals will become much quicker, and your employees are bound to be pleased!

Apart from all of this, you can also use Orgzit to manage your institute’s assets and streamline parent communication.

Orgzit is an all-in-one organizational tool for schools, day care centres, children’s activity centres, coaching institutes and other similar institutes. If you’re on the lookout for a simple, collaborative, and scalable solution to help you streamline your organization, try Orgzit. It’s completely customizable and can be altered quickly and conveniently to meet your specific needs. Call us anytime on +91-9871123583 or on Skype (nitinv8) to learn more.