Project management means getting the result out of a plan!! If you are building a house, a bridge, or a software program, you are essentially working on a project. The process of managing the team, tools, and resources to get your project completed i.e. achieve your goal is called Project Management.

You can look out for your team, meet deadlines, and complete tasks, and deliver quality projects without even being in the office!! Sounds fascinating, right??

But how can you do this?

You can do this by having a great project management application that will boost your productivity!! Just like boost is the secret of Sachin Tendulkar’s energy, project management application will be the secret of your success! (psshhhh it is a secret, keep it in your stomach)

Best Project Management Applications

Let me tell you some best project management applications:

1. Trello


Trello is one of the very well-known applications in the project management industry. It supports Web, Android, iOS. It is an application that can be used for almost everything like managing tasks, project management, and tracking the tasks and even keeping a check-list which is the most essential part while working on a project.

I have listed a few features of Trello that might catch your attention more–

  • Easy to use and has a guide to teach
  • Supports cross-platform functionality
  • It is a Cloud-based application
  • Not security-focused
  • Maybe too consumer-oriented for some

Trello gives you the freedom to organize all of your work-based and private tasks through a computer, tablet, or smartphone.


  1. It is a great application for managing quick tasks.
  2. Easy user-interface
  3. It has useful powerups for additional functionality


Handling projects with multiple tasks and boards and projects which are comparatively larger can be a bit difficult.

Pricing: The price for paid versions of Trello ranges from $9.99 per user per month to $20.83 per user per month.

2. Podio

Project Management Applications

Podio is a very flexible and highly customizable application in the project management industry. A few features which may catch your interest are –

  • This application lets you Assign tasks, attach files and discuss details within the solution
  • Allows you to share large encrypted files
  • Automate the sales pipelines, project budget tracking
  • Get a summary of the corporate with visual dashboards
  • Workflow automation


  • It is a great application creating business-specific custom solutions
  • Interface is user-friendly
  • Custom integrations


  • Can be a bit difficult to use for beginners
  • Not very good for complex projects

Pricing: It starts from $24 per month per user.

3. Orgzit

Orgzit is a modern cloud-based solution for building customized workflow automation and collaboration software fast, without coding. Users can build software solutions for a number of business use cases such as CRM, Project Management, Task Management, etc using Orgzit.

Some features that might catch your interest are –

  • No code solution
  • Create and assign tasks, collaborate with team members, track projects
  • Create workflows and customized reports
  • Integrate with APIs
  • Collect feedback via webforms


Allows a one-in-all platform to do everything


Might come off complex for beginners

4. Basecamp

It is an effective tool for collaborating on projects. It also works great cross-platform and can integrate with your legacy systems.

Some features you might like to know –

  • This application offers you the freedom of creating group chats
  • It has Message boards, schedules, to-do lists which eases collaboration
  • It provides you with document and file storage
  • Role-based access controls for collaborating with multiple clients


  • One of the best applications to work with several use cases.
  • A lot of integrations with other SaaS tools


Integration can come up as an issue.

Pricing: It has a free version called personal that offers 3 projects and 20 users and then a paid called basecamp business which costs $99 per month.

5. Asana

This application from the industry of project management diverts its more focus on tracking and teams. It expands its availability to both iOS and Android.

Here are a few features that will interest you in knowing about Asana –

  • Easy to use tracking functions
  • It is a Cloud-based application
  • It is a Team-oriented product
  • Lets you create to-do lists
  • Lets you add due dates, instructions to tasks and even comment on items

Asana offers a set of convenient features to boost team productivity while managing tasks and projects. It works well for simple project management but may not be able to meet complex project requirements.


  • Easy to use and get started with.
  • Provides you with darg and drop functionality for task management
  • Offers multiple real-time collaboration features to boost team productivity
  • Loaded with helpful integrations


  • The free version has limited features
  • Not feasible for the complex and larger projects

Pricing: The paid plans range from $10.99 to $24.99 per user per month.

6. Scoro


Scoro helps you eliminate the routine tasks and helps you in streamlining your work.

It is a collaborative application.

Here are a few features of Scoro that will attract your attention:

  • Displays project details, tasks, KPIs, calendar events and more in one place
  • Lets you stay up to date and see changes in real-time
  • Enables you to synchronize multiple calendars, quotes, tasks and projects in a single interface
  • Makes budgeting, invoicing, and advanced reporting easier

The most attractive thing about Scoro is that it streamlines your entire work progress so that you don’t have to use multiple tools for different tasks.


  1. Displays your entire work progress at one place
  2. Supports integration with other SaaS tools and ERPs
  3. Automated reports and dashboards


  1. It can be overwhelming for small businesses to use Scoro, especially if you require customizations

Pricing: Its price starts from $26 per month. It also gives you a 14-day free trial option.

7. Proofhub

Proofhub proves to be a versatile project management app. It claims to have various features that help your eliminate the need for other task and project management tools. It helps teams centrally manage all projects, teams, and communications.

It has a replacement to offer for conventional emailing and a bunch of other tools, integrating multiple project management features under one roof.

Some features that will build your interest more in Proofhub are:

  • Advanced reporting
  • Centralized files and notes
  • Custom workflow and kanban boards
  • Online proofing tool
  • Time management


  • It does not have a learning curve.
  • Tons of customization options
  • Amazing security features


  • No integration with apps like Zapier.
  • Not feasible for complicated projects
  • Has a lot of bugs

Pricing: It ranges from $45 per month to $89 per month.



If your wish is to POT, I mean to Plan, Organize, and Track projects under one collaborative space then could be the right decision you make.

Features that might interest you more:

  • It’s simple to use and get started with
  • Provides easy and simple communication
  • Offers Loads of integrations
  • Offers flexible workflow automation features for reducing manual work

Manage any workflow or process and be able to address any challenge from the straightforward to the not-so-simple with total ease.


  • User-interface is flexible.
  • Lots of integrations


  • It does not offer any free plan
  • Mobile application needs improvement
  • Pricing of different types of users can be a little confusing

Pricing: The paid plan starts at $39 per month for 5 users to $79 per month for 5 users.

9. Zoho Projects

It is one of the best software for very basic and simple project management.

Some interesting features that it possesses are:

  • Task lists with multiple tasks and milestones
  • Time tracking and timesheets
  • Gantt charts to oversee project progress
  • Document and file management


  • Zoho Projects can be integrated with Zoho CRM and other tools to manage almost every aspect of your agency in one system.
  • Basic time tracking is built-in
  • In-built chat feature


  • The free tier is limited, with just 10MB of storage and a single project.

Pricing: Up to twenty projects $25/month, unlimited projects $99/month; CRM and other additional features accompany an additional price.

10. Teamwork

This software is designed in a way that it works smoothly with the tools and forms smarter workflows. It has a very cheerful interface or you can say a very perky interface and it is very easy to use. In this software, you can create projects and generate tasks and achieve milestones.

Some features that might draw your attention towards this software are:

  • Project planning on Gantt charts
  • Time tracking and reporting
  • Customizable features on each project
  • Gantt’ style view of your projects
  • Gain valuable insights on your team’s performance
  • Assign low, medium, or high priorities to tasks


  • Easy to use and has various features.
  • Tons of options for customization
  • Lots of in-built features


  • It has fewer integrations with the apps.
  • Faces difficulty in handling complex projects
  • Not many features available in the free plan

Pricing: It has a free 30-day trial. The paid plan starts from $9 per user per month.

11. Airtable


Airtable offers various templates for its users to create and collaborate on workflows, while intelligently managing, optimizing the data for maximal efficiency. So, It is the ideal choice for businesses looking for a project management solution that goes beyond simply tracking tasks.

Features you might find interesting:

  • Looks like a spreadsheet, works as a database
  • Not limited to task management, useful for building collaboration software for a variety of business use cases
  • UI is very good and intuitive.


  • Flexible and easy-to-use relational database
  • Airtable Blocks help you automate daily tasks and improve productivity


  • Does not offer role-based access controls
  • The basic paid plan does not include access to Airtable blocks

Pricing: It has 4 plans. Free, Plus, Pro, and Enterprise. Plus plan starts at $10 per user per month.


The above list covered what we concede to be the absolute best project management software available in the market today. 

While all the project management tools covered in this article offer a number of benefits and will help you improve your team’s productivity, each tool might not be best suited for your team. 

In order to best pick the project management tool for your business, you should make a list of features and rank then as 

  • Must-haves (or features that you cannot live without)
  • Good to have features (that might be useful in future)
  • Must not haves – Yes, you should also prepare a negative features list to make sure that you do not end up with something that you do not need. 

Act smart and choose the right project management software for your organization! Make your and your employee’s life and work easier, simpler, and filled with productivity.

So, what stops you? Go ahead the choose the best from the best!!