Orgzit is structured through Teams, Projects, Apps and Records. Click the picture below to see the full size version.

Orgzit Team is a group of people who work together to get things done. So essentially you could structure an Orgzit team the way you like. For example, some people like to structure Teams based on organization functions such as Business Development, People Operations, Field Operations etc., while on the other hand some people just like to have one team for all their projects. There are no limits or restrictions to the number of teams you can join or create, so you can use Orgzit with as many disparate teams as you wish to have.

Projects contain apps and brings a specific group of people together who are on a mission. For every project you can have both team members and external members such as clients, vendors and freelancers. This enables you to share specific projects without giving someone access to your entire team related material. Project members have access to all the apps and records in that project.

Apps are specially crafted lists that keep all your data organized and lets you play around with data to get exciting insights into your work.

Records contain the actual data that runs your business day after day. A record could be a task, a sales lead, a physical asset that you own or anything you choose.

Under each record, you get the super cool tools to assign work (Tasks), discuss (Comments), attach references (Files) and track how every small piece of information is changing (History) – all this while staying within the same context.

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