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40% of my business is on follow-up and Orgzit has increased my follow-ups from 75% to 100%. This has put us ahead of the competition.
Joell Perez Vice President, ADE Systems Inc.

Don’t get trapped with a rigid, complex, and expensive CRM system

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Traditional Enterprise CRMs

  • Too complicated and difficult to use
  • Costly & time consuming to customize, requires external consultants
  • Need an army of administration and IT staff
  • Many basic features available only via expensive add-ons
  • vs

    Enterprise CRM with Flexibility and Simplicity of Excel

  • Really simple and intuitive to use
  • Can be customized in minutes, even by business users
  • Built for agile teams with constrained IT resources
  • Cost-effective with transparent all-inclusive pricing
  • Partners in Your Success

    Orgzit helped us streamline critical business information and within a short period made our leads-to-cash processes more organized leading to collaboration efficient.


    Orgzit helped us streamline lead-to-cash business operations. Orgzit is now the single source of truth for sales, projects, and other operations teams.

    Transform your sales process by breaking internal silos

    Is your team stuck with thinking, “This is how it's always been done here”?

    We help customers question the status-quo and improve the sales process on a continuous ongoing basis. Check out this video to know more about how we can help you transform your sales process and increase revenue per sales rep.

    How Orgzit transforms sales reps into selling machines

    Single source of truth

    Single source of truth

    Get all information about the sales process in one place – Customers, Opportunities, Quotations, Orders, Invoices, Service Tasks, and anything else you need.

    Break internal silos

    Break internal silos

    Improve communication horizontally and vertically. Give sales managers, sales reps, estimators, finance, and service reps a solid place to communicate about the sales process.

    multiple tools & Excel spreadsheets

    Stop juggling multiple tools and Excel spreadsheets

    Increase employee productivity and communication by consolidating information on a single tool. Track all information about a customer in one place without compromising on data security and ease-of-use.

    Agile sales process

    Agile sales process

    Don't let a traditional enterprise CRM stop you from improving your sales process because of complex and expensive configuration. With Orgzit, you can be agile and make changes in a matter of minutes.


    CRM your team will love to use

    Don't get trapped with an expensive but difficult to use CRM that nobody in your team will use. Go with cost-effective, simple and easy-to-use Orgzit CRM that everyone in your team will love to use on a daily basis.

    Data driven culture

    Data driven culture

    Use reports and dashboards to create a sales culture around objective metrics. Setup custom CRM reports for the metrics that are important for your team.

    We play well with other tools you use

    SMS Integration
    Google Forms
    Google Calendar
    Google Drive
    Google Sheets
    Cloud Telephony
    Office 365
    microsoft teams

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